Tfantoni's Sketchbook
Man, I thought I couldn't finish so many buildings before the deadline =x

Some watchtower, fruit fair, tavern, wagon parking, and queen tower sketches

Hey guys, I'd love some opinion from you with this. I'm going to participate in the Humor Exhibition of my city sending two caricatures. This guy here is called Pirulla ( Which one do you think the likeness is better?

Sooo most of people have voted on sketch #4, here's the final version:


Started "Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo" today. Harder than it looks, lol

Just finished this, phew
Time to go to bed :P

Aaaaaaaand done! Will rework the shadows later

To the newest "job" we have to create a promo art for the "Oh My Fort" tower defense game, so here's some thumbnails. Characters were made by other folks:

some polished thumbnails

Oh my gaaawwd this is tiring AF ಠ_ಠ

Second part of Alex Woo's week 1 assignment of gesture drawing


one more

Cool building designs here Tfantoni :). Nice tight lines.

Also, great work on those Alex Woo gestures, keep it going!

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CD Sketchbook

@Artloader thanks a lot!  D16c4689 

After lots of fixing and grids and tears
Time to do some cleanup


I'd rethink about how you do line weights. There are parts where the thickness aren't thought out as much (like that guy in the center with the hat, line weights in both arms are thicker than the rest of the body).

Line weights are great indicators. Thick line weights can indicate the form is in it's shadow side. Thicker line weights can indicate the subject is in the foreground, while thinner ones are pushed out back.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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@John you're right. I tried to control the line weight, but then I couldn't resist to change the brush thickness sometimes - it felt the line was too thin, but It was just my brain trying to fool me :P 

I'll be more careful next time. To this painting I'll leave it with no lineart in the final version. but thanks a lot for your advice!

Some progress:

My week 2 assignments of Alex Woo's gesture drawing course

Still week 2

Week 3

Love your bulidiings sketches!
Also good to see color iterations of your piece, I like the top images.
As for the gesture, many look a bit stiff for me but you're getting better with every page! Do you enjoy the course so far?


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