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@neopatogen thanks a lot, really! Yes, I like Alex's approach to the subject, specially because gesture drawing is often treated just as a brief topic on figure drawing. When I saw this course for the first time I was a bit surprise, like, "How can anyone create a whole course about this?". But it's worth it :D

moar for week 3



time to start week 4!


Week 4 assignment part 1

The idea is to indicate the space in the drawings this time, and man it's harder than it looks. I didn't draw all the poses in the same day, which it was a bad idea in the end. I'll probably draw this again

Aaaaaaand this week I decided to study SketchUp again (first try was last year, but I kind of gave up quickly) and I'm really getting excited with the possibilities! Here's some stuffs I did so far

uh... it's been awhile. I did some ugly stuff in the last days though

some WIP

stuff after Thomas Moran, with lasso tool, radial gradient and a textured brush.

"finished" Bernini study

One more wip after Bouguereau. I like the way he painted hair

Hey everyone!

So... after some serious emotional crisis (which it actually started in May, but kind of reached its peak in July) I'm back to show some stuff I've been doing since I spent ~2 weeks with no internet access >_>

Here's my Bouguereau study after a few tweaks (I deleted the last post to not be so repetitive)

And a Hearthstone fanart to a facebook group called Desafio 2Minds.

... aaaaaand I drew a youtuber, which is a paleontologist, as a Dinotopia character with a Tapuiasaurus. Even with references his right arm still bothers me though


painting metal is hard

Finished painting and lil process

[Image: tais-fantoni-alleria-gif.gif?1504677703]

Heyo ! : )
Really nice stuff here, as for the youtuber, I think whats bothering you is the tilt of his upper arm. Take a book yourself and imitate the pose in front of the mirror, you'll see what I mean : )

Other than that, nice fanart, love the blue hues tho you could use just a bit of color dodge on the edge of the arrow... so tempting :F

Keep it up ! :)

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@ShinOkami thanks! :)

have some david study, I'm going to post another one after some tweaking

So I'm reworking this pic after some sulamoon's feedback to change the perspective
but uh
fisheye lens, man
@[email protected]
/cries in the corner

after janaschi

painting this portrait was an oddly pleasant experience, lol. she's so amazing
the goal was to focus on the planes of the face

last year I did one single drawing during the inktober... maybe I'll do moar this time? hmmmm

Revisiting a sketch I made months ago

I feel a little more optimistic this time

*insert I dont know what I'm doing meme here*

Oh hi. It has been some time, huh
My life got REALLY messy in the last couple of months but here I am :P

aaaannnddd I'm finally getting some progress here. Which one do you guys like more?

I think you would benefit from doing a bit of cylinder practice because i can see you still have problem with picking up the right degre for the ellipse

The nearest side facing the viewer is the side of the cylinder that  as alway has the smallest degre ellipse of the 2 ellipse of a cylinder opposing ellipse the biggest degre of the 2 ellipse

The degre determine how much we can see of the ellipse the more we can see a cercle the higher is the degre if it start to look like a flat disk than the degre of that ellipse is smallest

The disk will flatten where the horizon line begin so alway try to find the horizon.You practice drawing cylinder inside box to learn how to build cylinder sitting on a flat surface.

Avoid creating ''pointy edge'' will doing the ellipse. It a common mistake when starting to draw cylinder that sit vertically.

You can find other way to practice cylinder here

Click on the image to enlarge

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