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Hi guys!I started doing some photobashing to get those creative juices flowing, the idea is basically, changing the medieval intrigue type of story for a sci fi/geopolitical drama of something like metal gear.
So for starters i made a few quick concepts to see how the character i was interested the most this time (Brienne of Tarth) would look in a metal gear outfit. 

Of course, this is the starting point, unless i go for something different i will start now trying to mix the two settings into something new.
I also want to design some "baddies" and who can be more suited for that task in this setting than the lannister? 
So instead of "red capes" now they have "red berets" xD i need to think more about it. 

Different photos and screenshots from Metal gear solid V were used for this concepts. 

Hey this looks pretty cool! Want to see more ^^

Yeaaa! Awesome idea, looking forward to see it progress ^_^

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I love this! Keep exploring. Maybe try some different compositions. As for design, you could add some small sigils somewhere.

I really look forward to see the final result :)

Haha! I am very interested to see where this ends up man.

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Cool idea perhaps try exploring the cold war era spy stuff, berlin wall, spy planes etc. that could add an additional sense of realism to the sci fi setting, looking forward to more!

BrushNoir: hey thanks! :D

JyonnyNovice: thank you! :)

Piotr Jasielski: thanks mate! yes, i was thinking about turning the houses sigils into modern day flags and show them somewhere, maybe in armbands for the baddies. 

Amit Dutta: thanks man! i think  either a modern military setting or a cold war era one are my best bets, though i can always add some cyberpunk and or biopunk to keep things interesting. 

Hobitt: glad you like this idea mate, also yeah! the setting i envisioned was a lot like the two germanies during the cold war, maybe the north going socialist and a south lead by the wealth of the lannister, something like that i need to think more about it.  

So i started sculpting Brienne head, im looking at the tv show actress for ref, but i want to make her more like in the books (uglier) and because making accurate 3d portraits is beyond my skills right now lol. I have focused so much on technical stuff lately and now this challenge has showed me how far im from my goal in terms of artistic ability, so yeah! lets keep punching guys :D

Nice sculpt the likeness is already there!

Oh snap Eddy, I dig the concept you're goin' for!
Gonna be sweet following your project and seeing how you develop your idea -----!

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Hobitt: thanks mate! im kinda satisfied because i actually made her uglier than the actress in the show, but definitely not nearly as ugly as the books said she was. So its kinda between the two. 

smrr: thank you! also glad you like this concept. I assumed most people would go for either the night watch or daenerys so i though about giving this lady some love, not my fav character of the books but the perfect one for this idea. :D

So here is another step, i started working on the head textures, still needs some detailing and correcting some stuff but the base of the texture is pretty much done. I've also included the textures under the 3d model just in case someone was curious. If someone wants more info about the texturing/modeling/rendering, etc just ask and i will post more info. 

Really cool 3D work Eduardo, really nice job on the face and likeness. Could be a cool mix with the metal gear solid type universe. Keep it up!

JonHop: thanks mate! :D

Now that the head is mostly finished i can go to the important part, designing the body/armor/suit, weapons, etc. Was thinking about going for complete realism before, but maybe something between a modern military and medieval knights is what this idea really needs. 

cool stuff! she definitely looks more i should say menacing.
good job in making her stay feminine even with all the scars and wrinkles.

I got a particular question when rendering stuff, do you need a powerful pc when rendering these? how much time does it take the texturing / rendering stage?

(03-18-2016, 11:31 AM)KurtJeremy Wrote: cool stuff! she definitely looks more i should say menacing.
good job in making her stay feminine even with all the scars and wrinkles.

I got a particular question when rendering stuff, do you need a powerful pc when rendering these? how much time does it take the texturing / rendering stage?

Hey glad you like it man!
About rendering this stuff, no, you dont really need a very powerful PC to achieve something like this.
This was rendered in real time using Marmoset toolbag 2 so the rendering works like a game engine, more or less. I have an i5 processor with 8gigs of dd3 ram memory and it works perfectly.
A good graphic card is probably needed if you want to put stuff into real game engines though, i have no problems with an nvdia gtx 970, but im sure you can work just fine with a much less powerful card.

About the texturing, it depends on what you are doing, but this one went pretty quick just making a base map on photoshop combining the texture maps i showed in the second post then adding colors and details with substance painter.

A small observation the forehead seems to be protruding a bit too far and the eyes are just a tiny bit too large ( I think!?)
Looking good so far

Hobitt: hey mate, you are right about that, it was intentional, i wanted to make her "ugly" but im not sure if it worked the way i wanted, with so little time ahead i think i will try correcting some of that on the low poly version of the model and see what can be done. Thanks for the feedback though!

Here is another update guys, to be honest i dont know if i will be able to finish this on time, tomorrow  morning im getting a little surgery to get rid of my glasses forever haha. The problem is it will probably take at least a day for the eyes to heal and see perfectly again. So we will see. 
Regardless if i meet the deadline or not, working on this has been super fun so far :D
I didnt even have time to make a proper render on marmoset but the body isnt textured yet so i guess it doesnt matter for now. 

In the end i had to change my plans, going less metal gear and more "knight armor" by the end it should look like a techno knight with camouflage and a portable railgun instead of a sword. xD

She looks god, I mean bad, I mean ugly good.

Good luck with your surgery! By all means prioritize your health, even if you don't finish till the deadline, there is still one week before the next challenge, so you'll have time to polish it.

Although I'd love to see it finished in time. But no pressure :)

Piotr Jasielski: thanks man! yeah its official no more glasses for me :D pretty exciting, but i still cant see shit lol, im having some trouble just typing this. xD Doctor said i should be fine by tomorrow, so i will try i can rush her to finish tomorrow, its going to be a challenge for sure, but thats part of the fun.

Great to hear that! Take your time and don't rush things, eyesight is more important :)

Piotr Jasielski: thanks man! in the end i was able to keep working on this, i had to rush the fuck out of this model xD but i think i may be able to have something acceptable in time. 

So yeah still recovering from the surgery, but my vision is like 95% restored already in just a day so im good :D
Sadly i had to really really rush this thing, so i ended up doing everything except the sniper rifle, i had plans for a custom weapon for her, but i  barely have any time left to do the final render/overpaint. 

So yeah here is a last wip before the final shot. 
About the design, i though that even a world with dragons and stuff like that wouldnt be too different from ours. 
I assumed the royal/noble houses would eventually be overthrow or become national entities like in our world. 

Also their "medieval" period seemed to last for many thousands of years so i though even if they advanced their technology they would still be a bit fixated with knights and armors and all that. So it wouldnt be surprising if they designed all their modern military gear to resemble the good old days of legend. They would even use the skin and other body parts of mythic creatures as military gear because their special properties, like the scales of dragons. 


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