Tien Chi's Sketchbook
Back for a quick update to the sketchbook, Did some studies of Orgrim Doom Hammer from Warcraft and sketch a orc dude for fun... Preparing myself for the movie release of Warcraft.  The environment sketch is a quick 30 min speed paint I did for fb group daily spit paint.
[Image: CliffCitadal_30min.jpg]

[Image: BloodlustOrc.jpg]
[Image: OrcStudy2.jpg]
[Image: OrcStudy1.jpg]

Awesome start to a sketchbook TienChi! I love the lighting and colour in your paintings - great work!

Keep going!

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CD Sketchbook

Hi guys I've been a little busy lately but I am back with some drawings from this year.  Mostly studies from life, coffee shop and fantasy drawings from imagination.
@Artloader - Hey Thanks so much, I will post some digital painting soon. 

[Image: IMG_6134.jpg][Image: IMG_6142.jpg][Image: IMG_6156.jpg][Image: IMG_6162.jpg][Image: IMG_c6160.jpg][Image: IMG_c6203.jpg][Image: IMG_p6148.jpg][Image: IMG_p6149.jpg][Image: IMG_p6150.jpg]

Hi guys I am back with another update, been working on these character sketches on and off for the last week or so. Trying to just have fun and paint stuff I like :)  The panda knight was a quick sketch I did to warm up before I started these characters.

[Image: 30min_PandaKnight.jpg]

[Image: LongBeardMagic.jpg][Image: WarriorWomen.jpg]
[Image: GreenskinGeneral.jpg]

CC5 WIP THREAD - http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7755.html

Hey I decided to participate in this month's Crimson Crucible, I joined about half way in so the deadline is pretty tight but I am up for the challenge.
Theme : Alien Architecture
Brief : https://crimsoncrucible.wordpress.com/20...hitecture/
Here is what I have so far I will update this as I go, deadline is around the corner. (1day)

The first two image are life studies I did around the city to get a sense of infrastructure and housing.  The remaining images are exploring sketches and research studies
[Image: cc5_lifestudy1.jpg][Image: cc5_lifestudy2.jpg][Image: cc5_exploration.jpg][Image: cc5_thumbnails.jpg][Image: cc5_bwsketches.jpg][Image: cc5_cultstudy1.jpg][Image: cc5_cultstudy2.jpg][Image: cc5_cultstudy3.jpg][Image: cc5_patternexplor.jpg][Image: cc5_shape%2526design.jpg]

Hi kind people of Crimson Dagger, I am way overdue on posting here.  Since my last post I had a tons of computer issue but everything should be better now.  Let the art dump begin :D  

[Image: IMG_2753.JPG][Image: IMG_2910.JPG][Image: IMG_2839.JPG][Image: IMG_2857.JPG][Image: IMG_2840.JPG][Image: IMG_2841.JPG][Image: IMG_2803.JPG][Image: IMG_2802.JPG][Image: IMG_2848.JPG]

I haven't seen you at the Conservatory for a while! I love your sketchbook work :)

(02-15-2017, 01:35 AM)Axrel Wrote: I haven't seen you at the Conservatory for a while!  I love your sketchbook work :)

@Axrel Hey Misa, how are ya? I see your still training keep it up!  I miss drawing at the conservatory, I will make my way back there soon. 

Alright here is my second art dump.  Some studies, sketches from life and imagination.
[Image: IMG_3225.JPG][Image: IMG_3509.JPG][Image: IMG_3544.JPG][Image: IMG_3592.JPG][Image: IMG_3566.JPG][Image: IMG_3517.JPG][Image: IMG_3437.JPG][Image: FullSizeRender_3.jpg][Image: IMG_3491.JPG][Image: FullSizeRender_4.jpg][Image: FullSizeRender_2.jpg]

Above are some character sketches I did for practice and below are couple of Studies from the Warcraft movie.

[Image: FullSizeRender_1.jpg]
[Image: FullSizeRender_5.jpg]

Wow! I really like the colors in those studies :) I'm doing well and I'm having a lot of fun at the atelier! The conservatory feels pretty quiet and empty recently. A lot of people are really busy- hopefully that'll change soon!

Hi guys, its been a while but I'm back to update this sketchbook.  This post I am focus on training line art and my shape design.  I've been busy with my new job but none the less I have to continue my training on my free time.  I barely have time anymore to go out for figure drawing so I've been training at home doing digital studies as if I were in a drawing session.  

These are timed like the real sessions which I find super helpful when your limited on time to draw anything
[Image: tcfiguredrawing1.jpg][Image: tcfiguredrawing2.jpg][Image: tcfiguredrawing3.jpg][Image: tcfiguredrawing4.jpg][Image: tcfiguredrawing5.jpg][Image: tcfiguredrawing6.jpg]

I am challenging myself to a 100 character design, some original and some fan art.
[Image: XenoMother.jpg]
[Image: YoungWarrior.jpg]
[Image: YoungKnight.jpg]
[Image: WomenRanger.jpg]
[Image: Viking.jpg]
[Image: VikingDwarf.jpg]
[Image: Torbjorn.jpg]
[Image: UngrimIronFist.jpg]
[Image: ThorgrimGrudgeBearer.jpg]
[Image: MuradinBronzeBeard.jpg]
[Image: Mei.jpg]
[Image: LoganW.jpg]
[Image: LastJedi.jpg]
[Image: KnightKid.jpg]
[Image: JunkRat.jpg]
[Image: HorseKid.jpg]
[Image: ElfHunter.jpg]
[Image: GokuSuWuKong.jpg]
[Image: HeavyOrc.jpg]
[Image: GrombrindalWhiteDwarf.jpg]
[Image: Enchantress.jpg]

[Image: Bilbo.jpg][Image: AlchemistDOTA.jpg][Image: AxeDOTA.jpg][Image: Bladesman.jpg][Image: Cleric.jpg][Image: Clinks.jpg][Image: NorthMen.jpg][Image: OrcAssassin.jpg][Image: OrcEnforcer.jpg][Image: Samurai.jpg][Image: Soldier76.jpg][Image: SpaceMan.jpg][Image: TheSamurai.jpg][Image: XbowPrincess.jpg][Image: MinerDwarf.jpg][Image: PrincessMononoke.jpg][Image: TheBatman.jpg]

I LOVE you characters! really nice draftsmanship!


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