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Thank you for your comment Lamma :)

[Image: tumblr_ocs4o2pfGn1uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]


What have I done this far?
I stopped focus on the figure and went with landscape, because that's the artworks I really like, and yeah. Been enjoying the process so far of learning more about landscapes. Of course I have many more things to improve, especially figuring out a way to balance design + painting together.

I am still in the position of also finding ways I can still do design, but probably that's gonna become void, I don't know. One thing I dislike about at least web design is that there is a lack of creativity in it. Everything just feels the same. 

Most likely I have to explore other areas some more like a 7 days challenge to 14 days challenge on Logo Design, Badge Designs, Icon Design etc. to see which one I still feel interested in, and also checked the designs work I like. And if, by the end of the challenges I still feel "Eh...this is just not for me" , I will just continue focusing on brushing up my painting skills, while still putting things out there "Finish not perfect" - Jake Parker

Like I am doing right now. So yeah, that's the weird place I am at right now. And a list of things I have done for August is :

- Made an instagram account for design
- Posted a couple of "design" things on dribbble. That's the thing I don't even know what I am doing anymore with it, ha.
- Posted some artworks/practice on instagram and artstation
- Experimenting with digital goods selling on creativemarket. But for this one its related to design, so if by any chance I just do not feel it, I will drop it, and just go get a "normal job" while watering my intersets on the side.
- Stopped posting on other forums, and focusing on posting mainly on Daggers, unless of course daggers becomes dead.
- Tried streaming for the first time, and felt damn good about it.
- Made 2 videos on my Youtube channel.
- Started exercising few times a week
- Started meditation once or twice a week
- Started reading the books I have more often (The power of now, The art spirit)
- Decided to leave the Discord was taking too much of my time
- Posted 1 virtual plain air in the Facebook group

What's up for the month of September 2016?

- Continue with landscapes practice/producing etc.
- Do mini-challenges for design so to see if I still want to do that or not
- Continue with exercising few times a week and also meditation once or twice a week
- Post 1 video every Thursday on my Youtube channel (Time-lapsed) videos for now
- Stream once or twice a week? Still figuring this out, about how many times I want to do it, and yeah. But I will stream at least once a day in the week.
- Go to the sea for a swim every Sunday or weekend
- If I still dig the design aspect of things, find a way to combine both to produce digital goods on my creativemarket shop. Right now I only have a vague plan for it, because I am still creating/exploring for which audience I am actually building the products.
- Attempt to foster more relationships with other individuals/artists/designers


That sums up everything that happened in August, and also a little plan for September. If you have any questions/your own things you want to share, feel free.

Shall leave this post with two videos that I have found to give some really nice CTA for everyone to apply in their own journey. 

Inspired by Life by Dann Petty 

Finished not Perfect by Jake Parker - Finished not Perfect

Yo Brian :D! Lookin forward to seeing how things turn out with the painterly brushes, the painting with the meadow and fence looks great. painting opaque is hard as hell, props man.

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Heya @Jones
Thanks for the extra push and comment man, really appreciate it :)


A little exercise I recently started doing. Which is basically abstract shape thing. Really enjoyed it, and will have this in my arsenal for future practice. 


And something for fun

nice work :o
I did a really quick paint over. Its very crude but I hope it shows a simple point. I wanted to point out a lack of variation in your compositions. You're blocking things in with opaque shapes which is a good start but these paintings lack variation in levels of detail. Picking a central focus for the piece and concentrating more variation gives the eye a nice place to latch on to. Like with this painting of the islands I added more variation where I thought the focus of the painting should be. Never mind my crappy brush work or the incorrect scale of the trees.

The clouds have a nice use of variation and could make for a good focal point if not for the fact that they by their nature, have less contrasting values in comparison to the islands.  Remember to squint. The eye will always go to the area of most value contrast. I added more variation in the foreground since you have a very large dead area there with one solid flat value. Adding a bit of variation in there will break up that unused area a little. Variation simply means differing values, hues or saturation which adds more visual interest. Its good that your approaching things with large groupings of shapes but try throwing in smaller shapes in the focal point to contrast the simple shapes around it.

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@Adam Lina

I should define what exactly is going on in that scene and also the intention with what I have already posted. What I am interested right now is the idea of using really simple shapes in combination with art.

So limiting to using 1 or 2 shapes, and creating the suggestion what that shape really is. As you guys know I am focusing right now on finding an interesting way to incorporate graphic design with landscape. Some examples of what I am speaking with simple design that conveys the idea :

There are still things missing in what have I already posted, such as ways to make it more interesting, hence the way I went with the sky, but I am still not satisfied with it. So yeah, I am exploring/doing experiments to find a way to use really 1 or 2 shape max without any other small details, to convey the idea. Hence also the block look.

If you know of a really minimal way to convey the idea. (without adding too much detail as you went with the over-paint)

Well I get that you were trying to stay simple. The changes I made werent really that drastic. Its perfectly in line with the work that you linked. some of those are even still more complex and have more shapes than my paint over. What those paintings have and what yours didnt was a clear focal point and a balanced composition. I think you're focusing on the elements of design when you should be focused on the principles of design.
That article will explain what I mean. If you're going to do graphic design being extremely well versed in all the principles of design and how to direct the viewers eye is a must. The same with any kind of image making.


This is not a style I'm familiar with and the simpler treatments often require more design.

That said, I think you might find some ideas in these videos done by Chromosphere for various agencies

Good luck and hope you find your solutions!
Thanks for the comment @Adam, even though there are things I do not quite agree with, I appreciate the time you took for commenting.

Now that's what I am talking about! Fascinating man. Never seen this kind of video before. Will definitely come in handy.


Alright, so shall see you guys in the next post. Gonna switch to monthly posting, and focus on posting on tumblr/youtube for this month. So my next post will be on the first Monday of next month. But will lurk/talk from time to time in Discord :)


This month was kind of interesting. I didn't manage to do the youtube project for this month due of not learning about the obstacles behind it. But now I am ready for it, for October.

This is going to be my last post for a while, because I want to focus my attention on Creativemarket/Youtube/Instagram/Google hangouts

I notice I am not much of a forum guy anymore, I would rather use the time to communicate through voice/hangouts. It feels more real then having an individual sketchbook.

My focus will still be on landscapes for quite some time. And what I have done for September :

-  Finish reading Arthur Wesley Dow Composition book
- Start an 1 to 2 hours routine of exploration either notan or colors
- Finish at least 1 thing
- Connect with peoples through social groups (google hangout / artist hangout hub)
- Post more often on specific social media sites
- Do more and consume less
- Read some books daily/weekly (Don't sweat the small stuff + The Power of Now)
- Create 1 Video every Friday ( Moved to October 2016
- Experimented with basic 3D stuff
- Learning for ways to combine graphic design with painting 


So in a way, September for me was more of a month for setting up routines, exploring fields of design and art, and also connecting with peoples more. This is a small concise list of what I have done. 


Some of the stuff I have done for this month


[Image: tumblr_od1nptTsPb1uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_od0dyinrjr1uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ocvxg2A6X51uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ocwm3lWiod1uetgj4o1_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ocwm3lWiod1uetgj4o2_r1_540.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o2_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o4_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o5_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o3_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o1_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe0zukNtlT1uetgj4o6_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe8a9lXKbg1uetgj4o2_540.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oe8a9lXKbg1uetgj4o1_540.jpg]


And an article about my whole art journey and things I have learned along the way

You can continue to follow what I do at either 

Thank you for reading this post, and until next time, keep learning, keep leveling up, be yourself. 

Those last enviros are so awesome!, You have a very good grasp on anatomy form wise I really like your gestures, you have lots of potential man!, Keep at it!

Wow, man, such an organized sketchbook, I especially like colors on those thumbnails ;)

Been a while since I last posted in here. Thanks for the compliments @imPhelikz and @Ice Rider.
Really appreciate it. 

I don't really post on here that much anymore, I mainly post on my tumblr and another forum. But some updates I have been up to is mainly focusing on landscapes for the past 4 months or so now.

And currently on a challenge about drawing 500 of your weakness.

But yeah overall can continue seeing what I am up to on my tumblr

Key points

- Been experimenting a lot with abstract shape arrangements

- Finding out more of what I like which is graphic design, but now experimenting with ways to apply that to characters.

- Didn't have a laptop in almost end of January to  March 9th. Dad got me a new one around 7 March. Learned the importance of making things, what I want to do, and my desire to just create something for myself or others.

- Possibly going to start working at a sign design company locally.

- Created an Instagram, Behance, Twitter, Ello, Cubebrush Sketchbook, Artstation, Youtube.

- Joined in Anthony Jones Discord, been having a blast since, because its really focused group.

- Actively hanging out with other peoples.

- Creating things almost always daily/weekly basis now.

- Figured out a way that works for me when it comes to studying. (Anthony Jones video about How to Study Better on Gumroad + Drawing Liens and Painting Together


To summarize, throughout the downtime of having no laptop it made me realize how I crave for simply making stuff, ever since I started with the two personal projects, right after I got my laptop back, I have been finding my way towards what I like.

So that's where the words of Gary Vaynerchuk sunk in which is  "Stop pondering, and starting doing" like Just Do. As you do the thing, you find your way, and its okay if you walk to a different path while doing that. 


Oh here is what I have been doing by the way.

If you want to find me simply just google Brian Hermelijn. You will find everywhere that I post.

Until then. Keep creating. Keep having a blast.

One more post to show the way I study is the way Anthony Jones suggested in his How to Study Better Gumroad video. For me, it is working really well.

The way this type of study works is that you first state beforehand what exactly of the image you want to study. And as you can see, for each image its the design of the shirt, the lightning or the aesthetic of the robot, or the design of the helmet.

When you are specific what you want to study, and then redo all of what you studied afterwards as an illustration, you in-grain that information better.

Another thing I also do is I redo the study again but a bit different, to see what will happen if I change it. Like always asking myself what if if this corner was a rectangle and not a circle? What if I add a bit of grunge to the edge? What if I make the background lighter or darker? What if I change the overall shape of the helmet? What if ... you see where I am going?

That's how I study now, which I found to be effective. And also having a timer to keep myself focused on what I am studying, and not get off-track to other things that I do need that study in that specific time.

So I have been on a long hiatus from the forums, part of it was to be my own chef rather then following other chef's as John has put it in his thread recently, with his latest post.

To sum up my 2 years hiatus : Work as a designer, do personal projects and continue exploring. Will be continuing with Graphic Design this year in Netherlands, to further connect the dots and meet new peoples, and go to events like weareplaygrounds.
Just some recent stuff

There is also a full timeline here of 2012 to 2019. Recently been I like shape approach (which you can see a recent fail painting)


To sum up, I have been selling resources on Creativemarket to see how that goes, and just fullfil a goal of mine, but slowly getting to the conclusion I am not into that anymore. (Creating resources to sell) 

I know for a fact, graphic design wise what I create currently probably won't fit commercially, might fall more towards the gaming/movie side perhaps? I think the dots will become clearer in my case, once I commence with school in Netherlands.

Can see what I do recently  , that's it for now.

well your graphic designs are pretty cool but if you want to say work in the entertainment industry that skillset is only a small part of whats needed. i know finding what exactly you want to do is a long process, if you want to work in the industry youll need to be cranking fundamentals like the rest of us. but i remember you from sycra forums way back in the bronze age, so i hope youll keep postin my dude <3

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
(05-06-2019, 10:45 PM)Fedodika Wrote: well your graphic designs are pretty cool but if you want to say work in the entertainment industry that skillset is only a small part of whats needed. i know finding what exactly you want to do is a long process, if you want to work in the industry youll need to be cranking fundamentals like the rest of us. but i remember you from sycra forums way back in the bronze age, so i hope youll keep postin my dude <3

And this is exactly what John meant with too many chefs, hence why I don't post on the forums often, not to derail your post in any form. I think, for me, in my opinion, the reason I don't post on forums anymore, as much peoples have best intention in mind, 99% of the time, it's not practical advice nor an understanding of the persons progression and knowledge.

That's the reason why, I never followed any advice given on forums, aside from my own gut feeling. The only insights I did take away, was books that were recommended to compare information, but aside from that, practical advice I feel, is hard to receive and give through forums, unless you have been conversing with the person (like mentor ships, to know their way of thinking, quirks etc.)

Fundamentals, I still practice, and continue to practice them rigorously, especially recent months I have been enjoying it more, as I said in my previous post, because now I have a purpose on why I am learning anatomy and perspective. Now, when it comes to posting, I only post on The Trench or Coldburger's Discord.

But yeah, I am not sure if I will be posting again anytime soon, but, to all that read this, continue doing what you do, continue learning, and see you guys in a bit again.

Seeing that the timeline I posted appears too small, will give 
an update of what has changed for me, 
for both learning and focus. 


So when it comes to process, I was struggling 
a lot, because of course I lacked the understanding of how to paint, 
and also how to paint with colors. which is 
seen in the painting above. 

So I let another artist looked at the time-line I previously posted, and  he suggested for 
me to paint with shapes. Because he saw, my strong point, 
where the Graphic Design creations.


And I surely enjoyed that process it a lot more this painting. 
I drew the whole sketch first, and then 
used pen tool to construct
 the flats etc.

I did miss some of the key lights to make things 
pop, as you can see below from a critique I 
received from another artist.


But now what I have been focusing, especially for the last 4 to 6 weeks, is
getting back to learning about anatomy and perspective. The current focus
is to draw more dynamically, with an understanding of decent anatomy,
while inventing different "futurism" type of subjects.

Think of Robbie Trevino and 



The study process that I now use is, to break things down,
even if it means drawing on top of an image with
contours, forms etc.

It has been quite helpful, into seeing
the overall forms of the subject.

And then I try to draw the same
subject on the side, or even
altering its forms 
and shapes.



Here I am trying to invent poses from imagination.
So you can see how I went about it, through
the gif from rough sketch to more fine
drawing I suppose.





As you can see, what I like, is definitely pushing the 
proportions of some of the stuff, and more simpler artists
 like Robie, Thomas and Piotr.



Hopefully this give a better overview of where
I am at, where I am going. I have no intention right now, to work in any particular field.
I am just a dude, cultivating his side passion, especially this year, trying things out
more often from imagination, and progress further with it. 

I do sell products on website like Creativemarket. But nothing groundbreaking.
But I will be moving to Netherlands this year, to continue with Graphic Design
at a school. 

Another thing I will be doing quite often once I move is, going to events
like this , I think this will give me
more opportunities to connect dots for what I want to do.

I shall now take my leave, and until next time, keep creating and enjoying the
process of creation folks.

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