Drawing Through Together!
(First off: I hope this is a appropriate place to post this group, if not, just let me know)

[EDIT: If anyone wants to join our companion hangout, just pm me your email and I'll invite you.]

Lets develop some super solid fundamentals TOGETHER!

I’m currently working a lot on my fundamentals and recently I listened to one of Fengs Podcasts and it reassured me how important learning the fundamentals really is. And from my point of view one of the most important skills is drawing through and getting some significant mileage in different subject matters. So I thought we could do this together!

I plan on doing a lot of DTs in different subject matters over the next weeks, like cars, old cars, planes, insects, trains and so on. I think it’d be really good and motivational to do this together. We could talk about techniques, approaches, give feedback and overall have a great time. Especially since fundamentals are really boring and repetitive after some time  I think getting a little group together will help a lot to retain motivation over the various weeks.

So I think this is the right place for everyone who would like to develop some FZD like fundamentals but struggles with motivation in long term. I think together we can do it! And in the end, we all have some super sick fundamentals! Sounds great, right? ?

I’ll just let this thread stand here and it will function as sort of a hub for all the stuff we are doing! Lets do this together!

I’ll start off with posting my first ever digital draw through. For me it did cost me a lot of time to get used to the process since I so rarely work digital at the moment. I really struggled with getting all the proportions down and after some really bad attempts I decided to work out and simplify the sideview first and the measure and construct from there on.

I found that working with 3 basic layers like Proportions - Geometry - Linework works best for me, one step at a time. And yea, thats it for the first post. Let me know if you would like to come around!

See you here the next weeks!!

Hey! I'm a beginner and I'm working on fundamentals daily. Can I come along?
Great idea! I've been focusing on my construction lately so I might post up some stuff soon on here. I've mostly been doing skeletons in one point perspective. Plus i've been reading some entry level architectural text books by Francis D.K. Ching that I got super cheap. So I hope to start drawing people interacting with architectural environments. I think cars and vehicles might come into play as well.

I would love to join. I have been working on the fundamentals and anatomy since I have come home from college. I am still learning digital painting too. I would love to get some feedback,tips, and help at getting better. I think being a part of a group would help keep me accountable and focused on my goals.

Do you want us to post on what we are working on here ? Also,do we want to do group chat somewhere like skype or something like that? or just chat here. It is my first time joining a group like this.

I also have not updated my sketchbook in a while. I am planning on doing that soon. so it is not a good indicator where I am at right now.

@zest Of course you can! Would love to have you on board!

@Adam Architecture sounds sick! Is on my agenda as well. Looking forward to seeing your works!

@ZandraDragon Nice to have you on board! All sort of posts are appreciated, especially WIPs, problems and also ressources I think. Don't hesitate to post some stuff here. If we could transform this thread into a "Hardcore" Fundamental and Motivational goldmine it'd be perfect.

I thought about doing a group chat too. I'll set one up. You all prefer skype? I'm not sure what the best platform for that is, but I'd be down for skype for sure. My skype is themiracoly, just shoot me an invite, I'll make the group chat.

See you all! Very nice that we found some like-minded people!

You could also start a small discord or google hangout. Just throwing ideas. Because skype isn't always the best choice due of it started having a lot bugs/problems since last year.

My skype name is also zandradragon. Feel free to add me just let me know who you are. I have never used google hangout but that sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for the suggestions Hermidraws! I heard a lot of bad things about skype lately so I opted for a Google Hangout over a discord because of screen sharing.

So if anyone wants to join our companion hangout, just pm me your email and I'll invite you.

@all I already added @skype, I sent you a message ;)

Hey all!

This week I drew through various Insects. I intended on doing at least 3 for this set but the organic lines were killing me so hard that I just couldn't pull it off. But I'll go at it again next week!!

The Dragonfly I constructed straight from a sideview with basically the X-Y-Z Section Drawing techniques from H2D, worked pretty well. For the beetle I did almost the same, but also used a ground plane to define the width. The shadow on the dragonfly is super off I think. Since I eyeballed a good amount while constructing the wings, it was hard to make a precise shadow. Will be more careful next time. I learned my lesson :)

As far as presentation goes I tried to apply a little bit of value and I think it looks alright. The rest is pretty basic, I didn't add a lot of detail or texture but in retrospective I think it would have helped a lot. 

But all in all, the construction was okay, definitely getting somewhere I feel.

Also Autoronin sent me a link to an interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spjyqpHI...&index=213

What are you working on?

I thought this was a cool exercise from the book Im going through. Its called Design Drawing by Francis DK Ching. I wont post my results from the exercise so you guys can figure them out yourselves. Its a fun little visual problem solving exercise.

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Thanks for the post Adam! I'll have a look into that.

This DT I experimented with different brushes and approaches. Since the subject matter is organic I wanted a more organic way to sketch them as well. I think they turned out pretty alright.

(05-24-2016, 10:55 AM)Adam Lina Wrote: I thought this was a cool exercise from the book Im going through. Its called Design Drawing by Francis DK Ching. I wont post my results from the exercise so you guys can figure them out yourselves. Its a fun little visual problem solving exercise.

Do you mind showing the solution or pm me?

I didn't try the 3rd one but I am 90% sure the first 2 dont have a solution. Either some doted lines missing or Im placing the orthos on the wrong axis/planes. 
I use to do these at school and was quite decent at it. These seems harder that then ones they gave me tho. Still I cant find the solution.

Give me my time back!!! ;)

Sketchbook: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7

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