Plisskens Sketchbook
Hey all! Starting my journey to achieving my goal of becoming a pro artist.

So, today's work. Starting off with some Loomis style gestural figures, and trying to get some really bad drawings out of me :o

[Image: LNyLNJ3.jpg]
[Image: 7NHHaQX.jpg]
[Image: ZWkYMLT.jpg]
[Image: eyHQCSV.jpg]
[Image: frL8yKd.jpg]
[Image: 8kvSrAR.jpg]
Pretty much all drawings today. Should have done more, need to make up for it tomorrow :o

Mix of studies and from imagination. Trying to understand the form of hips. And some wrinkles/drapery.

[Image: 3EOeBSx.jpg][Image: 0zJQqKi.jpg][Image: fqFyWy9.jpg][Image: gayaejQ.jpg]
Great start to your sketchbook Plissken! Your Loomis mannequin sketches look nice and fluid - good job. Also if you're trying to understand anatomy form - maybe consider studying the underlying bone structure and musculature as well as doing surface studies? Just a thought for you.

Keep going with the hard work!

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CD Sketchbook

Awesome studies, keep it up!

@Artloader - Good advice, I did some studies of the hip bones. It's really...odd. But hopefully getting there. And thanks, will do!
@alexdanila - Thank you!

Some hip bones sketches on the advice of Artloader, some more stylised hip stuff from imagination this time. Also some sketches for some work, making medieval manuscript style art. I'll post progress as I go along :O

[Image: zSavG0m.jpg][Image: sjhOSDj.jpg][Image: DCxowtR.jpg][Image: pkN3fAL.jpg]
Some more gesture from imagination and environment study.

[Image: fUsWs7u.jpg][Image: tcz77WV.jpg]
nice work, looks like you're really simplifying the anatomy masses into simple forms to reassemble them from memory. keep that up! the only thing i'd suggest right now is to have even more focus and tie the study time together with the fun times by drawing characters/figure illustrations where you apply the anatomy knowledge into real illustrations instead of doing landscapes where you can't apply the stuff you've just learned. anyways, good start, you're on the right path!

@ Jan Kloidt - Thanks! And yeah, I think you're right about the application of my studies. I tend to be quite restless when I'm drawing and after doing loads of studies I think 'sick of anatomy, need to do some landscapes now' and so I end up moving on to a completely different thing haha. It's a bad habit I need to get out of.

While I've not been posting as much, I am still working. Don't want to just show a big wall of art so I'll probably just post some select stuff to give people the gist of it :) Doing some studies and been working on a fanart piece. 

[Image: ARG8xcZ.jpg][Image: zHsbz1v.jpg][Image: RDLYSAb.jpg]
Been working on finishing some Medieval inspired artworks. Good excuse to get really deep into European art history and do some studies. I was asked to do a few original artworks, and this is what I've come up with :)

[Image: d9ayntu.jpg][Image: MPcxSkx.jpg]
Doing some cast shadow studies and made a Symettra wallpaper. I need to start applying studies to finished work but it always ends up looking not nearly as good as I want it to :p

[Image: VQ5xFyA.jpg][Image: 6zi2f4r.jpg][Image: 6RHRZMh.jpg]
Value study of an apple. I'm finding that for 90% of my drawing, stuff looks like absolute crap, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Then the last 10% starts to kind of resemble what I wanted it to look like, and I just push stuff around until I can get it as close to realistic as possible. It's never up to a standard I really want, but hopefully it's a start :)

[Image: zlZCZIU.jpg]
Made a process step by step thingy of the Apple. Doing still life seems to be working pretty well at pushing me out of seeing just pure geoforms, and instead seeing texture and 'organic' objects. 

[Image: aNuoEPD.png]

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