Vandrake's sketchbook
[Image: manatarms72.jpg]
[Image: 20191018_031636.jpg][Image: 20191018_031646.jpg][Image: 20191018_031653.jpg][Image: 20191018_031658.jpg][Image: 20191018_031706.jpg][Image: 20191018_031711.jpg][Image: 20191018_031719.jpg][Image: 20191018_031724.jpg][Image: 20191018_031731.jpg][Image: 20191018_031737.jpg][Image: 20191018_031744.jpg][Image: 20191018_031749.jpg][Image: 20191018_031755.jpg][Image: 20191018_031759.jpg][Image: 20191018_031806.jpg][Image: 20191018_031811.jpg][Image: 20191018_031817.jpg]
[Image: rickymorty70ppp.jpg]
[Image: 20191024_031434.jpg]
[Image: 20191024_031444.jpg]
[Image: 20191024_031450.jpg]
[Image: 20191024_031504.jpg]

[Image: lum72.jpg]
Draw a thousand tiny characters in various stances. Tiny, not full page as you tend to do. Don't focus on the details, just the overall structure and proportions of the body.
Paint in grayscale to learn the importance of color value (how dark or light it is).
Paint large areas with solid colors to focus on the most striking contrasts.
Paint a thousand tiny people in two or three color values.
Post these studies so we can comment and help.

Dibuja mil minusculos personajes en varias posturas. Minusculas, no grandes como la pagina. No te preocupes con los detalles, solo con la estructura general del cuerpo y las proporciones.
Pinta en escala de grises por la importancia de la luminosidad.
Pinta areas grandes con colores solidos pora concentrarte en los contrastes mayores.
Pinta mil minusculos personajes con dos o tres colores o grises.
Publica estos estudios aqui, que podamos comentar y ayudar.

Hey! How are you?? You are doing great !! I want to give you some advices:

Look for some fundamentals, Drawing and Theory Color to get started on your studies.

those 2 websites you can find everything you need to get started:

Good lucky!!
Que genial todo esto, el dibujo quedo realmente increíble, a mi me encanta mucho todo lo que tenga que ver con este tema e incluso quiero colocar esto en los banderines de colores

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