A Egg Yoks Journey into becoming a better Artist.
Warning Generally Long Post incoming:

With that being said hello everyone its been a while. 

I've been absent for so long because of college and secondly... I've had what I've called sorta an art depression.

To keep it short for a long time I had a horrible time with wanting everything perfect in my art and because of that my mental state suffered. I dreaded making art because I had wanted it to be perfect when in reality I was doing just fine.

This year I've taken an art class and honestly its been the best thing for me since I have time to study more about art and re-learning the process of art itself in addition to learning to relax with the process. 

I still suffer from perfectionism from time to time but I'm trying slowly to give myself room to relax more while also being critical. 

That being said enjoy some of the stuff I've been working on during the hiatus, some of these are actually commissions and some of them from art class. 


  Heres the commissions first: 
[Image: twitch_emote_commisson_by_yokai_egg90_dd...Do-jJ2Xsig][Image: commission_danna_by_yokai_egg90_dd2dxyz-...NxXCQsFjBA][Image: dd2dwfe-b1b165ec-abc7-43dc-86ec-5531eb8c...Z1XGZl1o-U][Image: commisson_for_papabirdkai_by_yokai_egg90...oqSwIUSNcU]
[Image: lugigi_by_yokai_egg90_dcx3fr7-pre.png?to...duK-xWwhqg][Image: matcha_pocky_yokai_adoptable_closed_by_y...AkZo6y4Pno]
Art in General in my style:
[Image: shes_crazy_man_by_yokai_egg90_dcrx763-pr...3uKqIf3Ors][Image: vivi_by_yokai_egg90_dcrx8la-pre.png?toke...0IQ2G7pTSQ][Image: dco8f3l-bbeee245-dd9a-426e-a8c5-53acfadb...-aCrTMXXPo][Image: D1PImy0WoAEudCR.png]
[Image: D1rFQVjW0AMx8jF.jpg]
[Image: 5ce62777_161d_48a5_b790_b695191d2921_by_...JjPSKj_gqs]
[Image: D1_WpnyXcAIILDY.jpg]
Stuff from Art class:

[Image: 12a3a063_7d34_4c49_9920_b2ef22dbb751_by_...5YdxCYIgAY][Image: b6de20c2_1621_4432_ab67_c35b57b4f829_by_...NzjaFctrK8][Image: 9fb0c69e_90ae_445e_a4c5_f3fb8bd34569_by_...CegrGCGQ_M][Image: de342810_638a_411b_a622_a415847a23a8_by_...P8UNRSCX9Y]

[Image: dbab2fc8_73b9_41c3_8af3_9aa6bc8ac5c2_by_...7ZioB-o3nU][Image: b719d0c2_c9ed_44a5_a720_d0d3d66df3ad_by_...SQQSnTJAaI][Image: 40a29e74_a0d0_4a05_81f2_d17a28581e64_by_...z4zJHYI3K0][Image: 2dbce678_72fa_4074_acc2_82d1d9ae5522_by_...L8OFDu71lk][Image: d3864b74_0e50_48e6_8357_2cbdb320cfb4_by_...-ZkJoh6KoU][Image: 07210806_87b2_4a3a_98d2_98e33c3ba6a0_by_...0_Ovme3Uyc][Image: 5a702671_61bd_4c3c_8cea_7f52877ef698_by_...76eqL_GfjQ][Image: 2aa918dd_d6ff_4167_a0f0_4cd1da77439b_by_...FUVmRCMt1M][Image: a96e1851_a8d4_49ca_953a_c5f59e450eb6_by_...zp2Pu3Cx8w][Image: 6d96c6bd_0a11_4de0_be72_d85992b98bce_by_...WrGQpJc4Bw][Image: 65a72845_1df4_4fc6_9c83_91ee9fcdd922_by_...fbhAXC7RYY][Image: 38636c01_85d5_491c_bdbd_6ad9852f205b_by_...Kb_CPI_ro8]

[Image: 355ced43_90fb_4e7e_89ee_17af707a9d53_by_...c8FHHRWifY]

...And that's it for now. I apologize but I'll probably be sporadic on posting again and as such, I'll have art dumps such as these. However, I'm glad to be back and show you guys my progress!
Nice work, love the stylized and colorful commissions, they're so clean and well designed. Congrats on overcoming art depression and fighting off perfectionism. It might be interesting to turn the limbs into 3d forms as well to practice foreshortening and depth if you can manage the gesture time. Keep up the great work!

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@ubem: Thank you for the well wishes. I still have a long way to go. To be completely honest I have been looking up figure drawing demos on youtube and observing how they create 3-D forms and I definitely need to practice foreshortening for sure. 

I guess another thing to mention is I have trouble breaking up the gesture into the next process which is 3-D forms. I find myself overwhelmed. Unfortunately, timed sessions don't help with that and I find myself rushing to finish the figure and I totally forget proportions sometimes. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate that.

Totally unrelated but here is a portrait study from this weekend and a doodle. I still have a long way to go but compared to the first portrait I posted here there is a def improvement.

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: cooool_by_yokai_egg90_dd44kzz-pre.png?to...oJieHmkhf0]

That's it for now.

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