Tristan's Sketchbook
Fair point, my apologies if I didn't seem serious.
Nice work on that pencil drawing btw!
Oh yes! Gonna keep an eye on this sketchbook.
Loving your work here! Those knights are too much fun.

Just over here trying to get better.
Hey, thanks everyone. 

Here's just a little sketch thing to get an idea down for that illustration thing I'm doing. Will be re-working this design a few times to make it feel more monster/giant-ish. I've been thinking of adding piercings, braids and stuff to make him feel like he had some kind of culture where he came from. Maybe I'll do a traditional Chinese beard or something. Don't want it to just be generic-giant-guy. Not sure if I want to make him look decapitated or not.... maybe I can do something with his mouth... like weird teeth? I don't know. I'll mess with it. 

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No post in a sketchbook since 3 years why?Did you move to somewhere else?

My Sketchbook
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Went off to study and I just got very busy.

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