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keep at it man crush those hands, maybe its the finger proportion that you need theres notes about it and diagrams in hamptonts anatomy book

great sb and latest updates!



When in doubt ask yourself, what would scooby do?
*does that twisting wrist wave the Queen of England does* hello

This song is a  B O P

Well let's see what I got for you all.

[Image: 1RbSkXg.png]

Ooooo, a ton of bullshit for the 500th post in a row? Well let's get to it then.

[Image: 6AR5i9K.png]: Aww, thank you for the encouragement dude, that's very sweet of you. I really do need to pop open the Hampton once more. But your encouragement helped me draw a hand that I am kindasortaeehhhhhhhh okay with.

[Image: thleOtJ.png]

(Art): Ba-bam. I have the flat colors down but I think I want to do something new in terms of the background and lighting. Tired of doing these boring shit, time to get... concept arty. But my ideas right now is a little too ambitious for me so I'll see what I can do about that. (I would mention doing studies but at this point im not even gonna try to entertain that thought)

[Image: 78lRBAT.jpg]
[Image: a9pbwJu.png]

(Art): A bunch of 30 second gestures that I got from SenshiStock. I like that they play around with camera angles and perspective in their photos, not a lot of figure drawing site has photos that has a bird's/worm's eye view of their models. And their website makes finding the right poses for you really easy, very nice figure drawing website. 

Anyways, next time I gotta increase the time a lot because I gotta incorporate structure into these noodle people. I STILL need to find a way to efficiently combine both gesture and structure at the same time.

[Image: mtAuAAZ.jpg]
[Image: 1qpS1Y2.jpg]

(Art): The original and digital versions of a page of expressions of Cornell. I originally did not want to color him but I fucking blinked and then this happened so I kept it. Dynamic expressions still doesn't click with me but I'm getting there.

[Image: OdQ92LZ.jpg]

(Art): Just wanted to do something in between the Arron illustration. Its pretty good to have a secondary project to do sometimes so I won't get bored. I get distracted way too easily so I definitely need to always have a secondary project along with the primary. Keeps the wheels turning. I kind of like the middle one.

Plus I need to switch around the words for that title. It should be "Garius Body Type & Costume Exploration".

[Image: Nkd1zSC.png]

(Art): So for my art class want me to do 12 illustrations that correspond to my artist statement or whatever the fuck. Well, I like diversity and meeting a variety of personalities. And I like medieval fantasy shit so here you go. I want to do 12 illustrations that features 12 RPG classes that has a distinct feel, body type, silhouette, etc. for each illustration. This is a Paladin.

I am working on a Beasttamer and a Druid. 

Wow, four hours to write a whole lot of nothing.

My birthday just passed by... I watched Black Panther with my friend... My friend bought me the Bayonetta 1 + 2 bundle for the Switch but i dont have a Switch... Writer friend told me Happy Birthday at 10:30 at night... that was peachy... I bought Metroid Prime and never touched it... aaaannnddd....

All this work is for a portfolio...

I didn't want to say it on here cause my brain was like "they gonna drag you bro. you working on a portfolio when you can barely draw a damn hand. these people working 10 times harder than you and you think you can just come up in here and think you are movin up in life? bye sweetie"

Well FYI me, you little bitch, this is for Florida Southern to see how much scholarship money I can make. I want to major in Graphic Design so the professor of the Art department emailed me and was like "Well I suggest you put in a portfolio for us that has at least 15-20 images". And I was like "fuq. i only like -5 things of the shit that i draw im fucked." So that is the main reason why i am doing all of this stuff. I barely made enough images and the deadline is approaching fast.

And school's a bitch, whats new. 

That's it. See ya next decade.


I feel like such a weeb and a mom for liking this type of music

[Image: u7PhUR7.jpg]

(Art): A whole ton of boxes and shit. I gotta go back to that Youtube channel that showed the "human head as boxes" trick because I think I need to start varying up my head angles and shit.

[Image: xYWrfvi.jpg]
[Image: 16uM1cf.png]

(Art): Studies?! I decided as a warm up, I should study the leg muscles again because I keep forgetting where the muscles are. And I also have no idea how the forms of the quads look like whenever the leg is turned so that was interesting to see. Next is to see the side and back of the leg to see what rhythms I can find in that department.

[Image: 6cKqCmu.jpg]
[Image: 3c98h4p.jpg]
[Image: e1rbVzj.jpg]
[Image: 1gRyQP8.jpg]
[Image: h4quiPr.jpg]

(Art): Studies?!² These were cooldown sketches of people on Pinterest.

Uumm... yeah, these are really inaccurate.

[Image: afjUPDi.jpg]

(Art): The Paladin/Templar person is... complete? I got tired once I reached the legs so I'll see if I can do something more interesting with them. Oh and weapon design is definitely a first for me so I took a bunch of references and mashed it together like fucking mashed potatoes.

Next up is a Zoologist.

I should just stop waiting around for new art to put on posts because it is never going to happen.

 Um... yeah. Nothing really happened to me (except some really stressful and disheartening drama that leaves my heart beating fast everytime i have to confront it) so I am just drawing because I actually have the time again to do it. 

The whole portfolio thing went kind of well I suppose. 

Uuummmm... yeah bye and fuck yall for not telling me Arnold came out the pussy as a fucking wrestler buff baby.

[Image: j5fJWFv.gif]

move aside, im back in this bitch.

WOAH i actually remember saying that I wanted this game earlier on in my thread. Well i have it now and it is really good with nice character development and bullshit bosses amazing music, as you can see here.

Yadda yadda school whatever anyways, let's see what the fuck i did during my long slumber. I'm just gonna dump everything here with some commentary if I need to say something. Out of character for me I know, but I never posted in a while so let's just go.

[Image: 6AGx2tb.png]
(this was the only thing i did terms of studying, I tried to do the whole reference then imagination thing and it takes lots of patience. this shit takes a long time)

[Image: QCNBLRL.png]
[Image: AKkAzVE.jpg]
[Image: uoAik0o.jpg]
[Image: vkPRl8q.jpg]
[Image: usUekzj.jpg]
[Image: kPkQNl6.png]

(Art): This post is basically compromised of "Me" art. Everyday I always have something to do like essays and essays and most definitely essays, so I just doodle in class and I usually called it a day. Thats why I just sort of resort to drawing for myself rather than doing something a little bit more worth while. And some of the art is... uhm... REALLY for me... um, yes.

sigh. and i stayed in my comfort zone a lot, so i apologize for the faces that seem to look similar in this post.

[Image: wZ93Hqm.jpg]
[Image: K3UbYLE.jpg]
[Image: GlRZMvE.jpg]
[Image: i8s3PxL.jpg]
(Artwork study of the artist for Final Fantasy 12. It was kind of pointless but it was interesting to see how anime pointy chins work)

[Image: DhBd90G.png]
[Image: 6948d6v.jpg]
[Image: d9ipYps.jpg]
(Fanart: Leon from the Dead or Alive series!)

[Image: d1STITg.png]

(Art): I think this is all of the digital sketches that I have done so far. Of course, I might revisit some of these in the future (like WW2 Mario and the turnaround)

[Image: x2wlUiF.jpg]
[Image: oYiovjS.jpg]
[Image: TQvWjlz.png]
(Fanart: Bors from Fire Emblem: Binding Blade)

[Image: gKt4uqa.jpg]
[Image: 4NRMULe.jpg]
[Image: ZE9d73A.png]
(ehhh here comes the homoerotic shit.(i mean... it already arrived but its apparent here) Beefy Asian's peewee isn't visible but I still dont want something so lewd on a site like this soo TAKE THAT! You can tune in to my Tumblr to see the uncensored because Tumblr is full of freaks like me so its ok.)

Um yup, that's what I have been up to. I still have finals to do and then weeeeeee im free again until August.

Aight, im out of this bitch.


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