Vertial lines perspective grid

I know how to create a perspective grid with a vanishing point, but I can't find the option of creating a shape of a series of lines like in this video below at 0:09

Do you know how to do it?

You mean technically, in PS ? I did such kind of thing before, you could join me in Hangouts or skype, to share screens

id like to know that as well :)

Basically, draw a line, duplicate multiple times to create a set of parallel lines, with smart guides on to keep the distance the same,
then merge (at this stage, I like making a smart object for easier tweaking later, but this guy just merged shapes),
then right click - distort.
I saw Alex Negrea use it in his still life tutorial.

We could as well all hang out together and draw some grids and some sketchy stuff on top, huh?

Oh yeah I'd like to hang out. Maybe tomorrow morning?

Just read your message sorry :) Any work day would be ok, can't really make promises about holidays except early morning, you'd probably be still asleep :)

I regularly plan to start to get up earlier but I fail prettymuch every time :)

I'll try to catch you during the week then :)


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