Today´s log!

Heads and faces
[Image: WAvYzgr.jpg]

Photo study (struggled a lot with this smoke thing)
[Image: c1BL2WQ.png]

Some quick thumbs for an idea I had in mind. It´s like a portal inside a hippo´s skull

[Image: BWQf7ce.png]

Hippo studies with reference

[Image: IUbLHcW.png]

[Image: 4X7Rt9p.png]

New thumb idea
[Image: EQLQEq4.png]

I didn´t like it because there was no story, so I changed it. I imagined a hippo being like a guide dog for a blind lost girl. 

[Image: J3zp515.png]

Bring'em the feedbacks

Nice start Jota, I love your hippo studies :).

If you're studying heads maybe check out some of Proko's free videos:

He's also great for anatomy aswell.

Keep it going!

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