Sketch Goulash!
Yeah. I'm bad at finishing stuff, but hopefully getting better at it. Definitely a multipart problem. Some of its not having an established workflow. Tried out a lot of other folks, for that "best fit" but that's certainly wasting a lot of time. Too much watching, listening, and reading, not enough practice in the trenches. Some of its fixing exploratory marks...reigning in chaotic lines and values sweeps with the brush. Some of its time and will to persevere and not lose interest on a captured idea. A lot of its going back and forth fixing the intermingling of ideas that push a fundamental out of alignment. I really need to start timing my longer paintings, so I can know when to keep pushing and persevere and when I'm just wasting time noodling. :\

I feel like my sense of values and lighting, especially when it come to material reads could use the most love, but I've also received a lot of crits telling my to focus on "anatomy" which after going though my sketchpad I can see pretty clearly too. lots of sloppy placements poor proportions and warped limbs in perspective. *takes jacket off to get hands dirty*

Robotpencil Mentorship/Method:

[Image: 32499243003_d469ecbab7_k.jpg]

[Image: 33298435925_5490649cf1_b.jpg]

DnD Sketch Comish (6 characters):
[Image: 32498880073_1706e45f5c_c.jpg]

[Image: 33185349781_82cd31c03b_c.jpg]

[Image: 33185351211_b958ee4d21_c.jpg]

[Image: character-Repriever.png?format=500w]

[Image: 32498881603_138b3393fd_c.jpg]

[Image: character-rough---Aag-II-animated.gif?format=500w]

Final Fantasty Redesign; Daily Study Group Challenge:
[Image: blackbelt.jpg?format=1000w]

[Image: Black+Mage.jpg?format=500w]

[Image: red+mageiii.jpg?format=750w]

[Image: 33185869161_f16c457a9e_b.jpg]

sketches pushed further to final. still have a hard time making it past a final push, though learned some cool stuff from AJ that helped with the framing to get a "quality control" image of something I like that's super polished to push it towards tat level of quality
[Image: v01eKNh.jpg]

[Image: q0OoAV2.jpg]

[Image: Vx9UUaM.jpg]

cover for Wolves.
[Image: Wolf+Boyo%21.jpg?format=500w]

Focused a lot of arm anatomy Post Robotpencil reccomendation to try and dial in a little more with how loose and shitty my hands have been and how I'd like to incorporate solid structural landmarks in the arm (olecranon wedge as a guide) as oppose to following the natural rhythms of the deltoid, biceo and loose understanding of the trips. -My hands on the guy with the glowpack are pretty fucked.
[Image: uAJypEs.jpg]
studying a guy doing Kung-Fu exercises on a wooden dummy was great to see how movement changed the forms.
[Image: fJaxWCr.jpg]

[Image: L9SYXUk.gif]


Been thinking a lot about the way that I make money with my art and where/how I want to do it as oppse to how everyone does it. (gridlocked into means with daily studio work) Been putting a board together of all of the inspirations I enjoyed as a kiddo and why I fell in love with drawing in differnt phases of my childhood. I remember running home to catch the bus to catch the toonami start as I tried to piece together the plot of dbz and gundam wing. This vid as a promo so of captures that feeling. I love that old style of animation with smoke overlays and the light that shines through the slide glass on layers. Gives the light a much more "electric" feel; like in Akira, Secret of NIHM and American Tale.

I also been thinking a lot about narrative. Started playing DnD as a DM the last year which I think has helped a lot fto make me think about the framing of narrative for what I'm doing/drawing. I'd like to harness that power more in future pieces.
-should also do some more ideative sketches for fast gains to hammer out anatomy in perspective.
-Also, noting that I'd like to take a pass at some enviromental work to help push my illustrative pieces instead of just having empty backgrounds.


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