Sketch Goulash!
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Had to ditch the 100 day challenge; got an opportunity to do some work for a studio! -mostly working on stuff for them this week, but had some time for a couple studies and some sketches! ;D

left-over sketch I started for the ip challenge; wrapped it up for transitional paint-over, re-design, or fall into obscurity.

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been reading "Death Of Socrates" -thinking bout that I guess...
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great studies you've been doing man :3

another weird self portrait. made the eyes too big again... ;\
[Image: 15336274948_e42473e227_b.jpg]

Aside from the eyes being a little too big looks great dude, nice improvement from the last one I had seen!

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@Jones; ...its the tuft of chest hair isn't it? ;D

For the crimson CHOW -work in progress. busy week, hopefully I can finish.
I like the stork, but its a little too "Wheel of Time" -Might go with a moth or butterfly for the house sigil like in my initial design...dunno if this really captures the spirit of the prompt either. ;\

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Cool... cool, I would love to see this CHOW wip completed someday- it has some good potential methinks.

I might sound hard sometimes, but its cuz I love you man. Keep up the good work. SS 4 life.

Finally got permission to post some of the stuff I did for a client through the studio. Lots of fun to work on! :]
-Rest are studies as usual. Taking some cues with bust studies from Jonesoda.

@JJ Aaron; yeah, yeah man! Definitely a lot of fun. -and you know its all gravy baby! -a push in the right direction.
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A work in progress, I definitely want to keep up with posts even though my tablet's down...once again. X(

Charcoal's slow, messy as fuck, switching between different types to keep it looser then tighter, still fun assessing the newer and refreshing on older concepts of the medium. -Its a hurdle to get to the value studies I want to more specifically do. I definitely want to move on from this particular one soon to get to the next thing. ;P

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I've been away from my sketchpad for too long.

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dat hand ;\
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Need to get better about drawing more in the old sketchbook. ^__^

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Awesome sketchbook man! And holy crap, as I was scrolling down and glanced at your self portrait I thought I was looking at myself for a second haha.

thanks man, though if we ever met in person I might have to challenge you to a duel! @[email protected]

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pipes and fo-perspective without unified vanishing points. derp.
[Image: 15179588434_8c078cb568_c.jpg]

Damn dude, nice work. That self portrait is pretty good but yeah the eyes are a bit big.. Unless you are like that in real life, Japanese girls might dig it..

Congrats on the charcoal still life.. I cant handle charcoal for crap >___>

Your skin is getting so much better. Do you exfoliate? I mean uh.. Nice painting.

Keep up the good work man, you are def improving :)

Thanks Jaik! ;*
...its the sickly pale skin of only going out at night and perma-exhausted transfixed stare that make all the girlies wanna scream! O__o

so busy. so tired. study now, not later... z_z
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Those perspective studies look killer man. Love juicy line work! LOVE IT!
So many good studies in here. Keep up the good work! And come back and post again, you have been away for as long as I have!!

Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook those many months back!

Well all this is coming along nicely! Keep it up man! :D

You are your only limits!

Time to update this bad boy!

drawing mirrored to try and land my forms a bit better, more spatial arrangement stuff.
[Image: 15990532372_cb028bf5a9_c.jpg]
Hark! A melted derp-Caesar! Mental note; no sleep, no time=shit work.
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[Image: 16477277022_64f89863f8_c.jpg]
In a rush for time, trying lines, lay down consistent multi-figure values, then working edge blending. Expect to see more mixer brush in my future for gradated blends instead of over working opacity softbrush in's.
[Image: 16316544757_61786e43e1_c.jpg]
"Wolves Of the Waste" stuff. Still ooking for that right work flow for imaginative work that's not insanely time consuming. Perspective lay-in sketching.
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Hey man, cool to see you still working hard.

I think you might wanna pay a little bit more attention to your compositions. I think you tend to space things out a little too evenly. Like those still lives you've been doing, I know they are relatively quick, but spend a little bit more time thinking of nice rhythms for your objects. Group some up, space a single thing off to the side, try and avoid those tangents where one object's edge is just touching another. In your pieces with multiple figures (very ambitious, keep at it), notice how in those master studies you do a figure always seems merged with another? Basically just get more overlapping going on, right now you've got this boring dance beat everywhere, get that jazz syncopation going.

Hope that helps!

^ everything this guy said. But dont be fooled into actually thinking he knows what he's talking about xP j/k

I was going to say work on some more personal work but it seems you have done that with this last post. You could probably try and work on depth a little more. That could be a side effect of the still lifes you have been doing, but everything should have a FG, MG and a BG. Unless it shouldnt, but that should be an intentional thing. At the moment it seems to be accidental when you do it.

Keep on killing it though man.


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