Where to study anatomy in real life?
One of the first and foremost pieces of advice I get from others on approving anatomy is to draw from real life. However I can't afford to attend a figure drawing class at this time to do it from real life. I already know about sites like line-of-action.com but I feel like I'm missing something by not doing it in person. Where can I go? Especially in winter time when everyone is in doors?
Coffee shops or in front of a mirror. That's my go to.

(03-02-2017, 03:30 PM)kvSketch Wrote: Coffee shops or in front of a mirror.  That's my go to.

I'll give it a go then
If you have any friends or family who'd be willing to model for you, that works as well. I don't ask them to do it nude, but I do a lot of studies of the people I know when I hang out with them usually. And some places do free drink and draws with live models, so you could see if there are any in your area. I go to the Conservatory in Seattle, and once a month they have a costumed model for short poses.


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