What is the best way to learn/study Art
Hey guys

I've been trying to learn how to draw and paint for  almost half a year, i am still struggling with many things and i thought you could share what you think is the best way to learn drawing and painting.
Best thing you should do is open up a sketchbook and start getting feedback.It would also help if you could describe you intention to pursue drawing (professional or casual) and what branch you want to develop.

Here a few video i think can help you with what you have said so far

What are the Fundamentals in Art???

This video can help to identify some fundamental area you should focus on depending on the "art job" you would like to emulate or pursue


Iterative Drawing - The Fastest Way to Improve

Visit my sketchbook
Just Draw it!!!
Start painting and drawing things you see, or think about.

Also look at paintings and drawings by other people.

A book I would recommend for beginners is, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" By Betty Edwards.

Painting and drawing is about what you see, and how you translate what you see visually. Visual interpretation, if you will. When you draw from memory or imagination, you're still basing things off of fundamentals learned by sight. Or touch-- There are blind painters.


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