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[Image: OtzkRc3.jpg]I haven't painted in a week because I was in Germany and now I'm not sure how to hold a stylus its weird (rip 263 days streak)
[Image: tumblr_ooiit6BBoa1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
Nice enviros, starting to feel that atmosphere in the studies. It appears that you use small similar sized brushes for much of the painting. There is just this "feel" in your works (less in the last one) that suggests this. If so, try and use larger brushes for things that don't need so much detail. There is a well known adage in trad. work (but applies to digital) to always use the biggest possible brush size for the job.
There is beauty and energy in effiicent vibrant brush strokes. One way to practice is lay down the stroke in one hit. If it isn't right, undo and try the stroke again. This keeps the energy rather than building up a shape with multiple small ones. With practice you will get better and have to undo less.

I also feel like your darkest values tend to be a bit on the dark side and you need to watch your value contrast to really nail the correct read for the lighting conditions. Might be a monitor calibration/accuracy issue, so try and get that as good as you can.

Keep it up!

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Tnx for the great feedback I appreciate it! I'm having a lot of trouble with my brush strokes at the moment they always start out looking great, nice big broad strokes but after 40-50 minutes it all goes to shit. And when it comes to darker values I think the problem is that I'm just bad not so much my crappy monitors. Working on it figuring stuff out.
Today I tried to put everything that I struggle with in one drawing.
[Image: nPx2ooa.jpg]
Those last enviros look awesome *.* where were you in Germany? It would have been so cool seeing someone from this forum in person damn >.<

I was in Dresden for 2 days and Berlin for 3 days. We probably couldn't have met I spend all my time trying to visit all the interesting places and didn't have any time to chill (walked from one end of Berlin to the other in a fucking day).
Today university started again and I don't have much time to paint chicks looking at big goofy animals. feels bad
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[Image: DQDuFYe.jpg]
[Image: 9BBchsE.jpg]
that forest painting's coming along great. What do you think of letting the girl's dress be the whitest object in the whole painting, and slightly darken the sky a bit?

Yea it was my intent to have her as the brightest point and I'm not sure why I made the sky so bright. Overall I hate how its turning out and don't think I'm going to work on it anymore.(edit: hate is a strong word I just feel like I have to erase way too much in order to make it look like I want to and would rather start a new painting than keep going)
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University is stressing me out like crazy and I can't make a more polished painting right now. Here is some crappy study done in like 40 min :c
[Image: GhEZDXb.jpg]
lol look at this bunny
[Image: EA4bqx0.jpg]
End of semester sucks 
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[Image: CaRCHIr.jpg][Image: 9TBJpDt.jpg][Image: 0Pxi8jv.jpg]
Very interesting and engaging compositions! :3 Can't wait to see you push these to the end and get in there with the details. :D


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big dump
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