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Full Version: Coinhero's sketchbook
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Hi, I'm some dude that paints everyday after university. Here are some waterfalls.

Quote:Hi, I'm some dude that paints everyday after university.

Everyday? We'll see about that! :)

Welcome to the Crimson Daggers!
I don't paint people very often but I think its about time I start. 
The goal is to paint everyday I've been doing this for 238 days so far ( for older daily stuff)
Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Coinhero :).

238 days so far? Respect!

Nice start here - I like your expressive brush strokes. If you'd like to improve your figures, I'd recommend checking out Proko's YouTube channel - great quality content!

Keep going dude!
[Image: tumblr_omvcapoMaP1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]

I cant keep going on this I'm way too exhausted. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
[Image: tumblr_omx1efe0Es1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_omywvyZZxS1suoh70o2_1280.jpg]I kept starting new painting over and over and at the end I couldn't really make anything -_- I hate this feeling
[Image: tumblr_on0lhtLbHn1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_on2njiycYy1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]-ULTRA FLAT-
[Image: tumblr_on69c57G8r1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]Hiding legs behind rocks is c00l [Image: thumbsup.png]
[Image: tumblr_on865oQC7s1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]I spent quite some time on this, I think it turned out pretty good (compared to my old stuff).
[Image: tumblr_onbsfeWJAM1suoh70o2_r1_1280.jpg]dead guy - very dead - not alive anymore - he used to be alive now he is not - currently  dead - status dead
Love the one with the little cute creatures :3 The last one is awesome too but maybe you could make it a bit darker so it gets more moody. Anyways keep it up!
Really nice work! Keep going! No criticism from me. #8 is awesome
Haven't posted in a while here is what I've been doing for the past 3 days (I cant paint for a long period of time atm)
[Image: tumblr_onj50xf9XC1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
I love how the line art sketch looks but It went kind of downhill from there :D
[Image: tumblr_onl6xzw0cD1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
I tried to get out of my comfort zone a lot on this one. I mostly paint rocks and tree and other boring stuff like that not goofy fish monsters.
[Image: tumblr_onmyf2mymk1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
Oh and I tried using soft brushes for the first try, its super hard -,-
[Image: tumblr_onotn5Ukfb1suoh70o1_r1_1280.jpg]Too busy and chaotic
more kitty cat
[Image: tumblr_onsb1hHC7C1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
Time for the weekly image dump.
[Image: tumblr_onu6pc3LMS1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
I love witches and dragons its suck a goofy and fun combination
[Image: tumblr_onw7cjOHcj1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
the wing and jaw were big problems
[Image: tumblr_ony4rkro3q1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_onzyjacRnu1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
And this is as far as I took it, I dont see a reason to keep going it has mostly fundamental problem, doing studies would be more productive (I think)
[Image: tumblr_oo1tn0Uejl1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oo3njjtTlj1suoh70o1_1280.jpg]