What a lame name haha ^^ 
I'm just gonna use this as a personal challenge for me to post a finished painting (as far as my current "skills" can take it) every sunday. I find it really hard to finish stuff and I need a deadline to do it. I'll try to apply stuff that i learned that week.
I you want to you can join me :D that way everyone gets motivated yay!

So today an orcs face. Sadly thats as far as my skills go at the moment but im studying to change that. See you next sunday!

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Sounds like a fun challenge ^^

definitly joining this challenge.

[Image: KJln7Zr.png]

Awesome to see you here Leonard! Your piece looks amazing. So calm and i love how well you rendered the back *.*
My piece for today a birdlike character :o next week is gonna be more exciting

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nice :D


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