[6pm-9pm CST] Photoshop painting buddy wanted for studies
Hi All,

I've been on and off this forum so many times but keep coming back to draw and post my work. Really like the environment of this place, great people with a lot of talent.

I am studying the figure right now, and painting skin textures in a realistic/semi-realistic way. Does anyone have the same style and want to screenshare and study with me?
We can critique each other's work and share study materials. 

I am available 6pm-9pm CST weekdays, and even more on the weekends. 

Users of other programs are welcome, just thought it would be easier to share techniques if we're both using photoshop.

Please let me know what platform you want to use.

It also doesn't have to be all studies either, we can also do fun pieces/full paintings.


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