Hi, my name is Anna but friends often call me Yumi so it's up to you which one to use. I'm from Poland and I'm currently at my 4th year in art high school(which kind of sucks but traditional printmaking tools and cool classmates made me stay there xD). I've been drawing my whole life but I'm not satisfied with my art soo it's prooobably a sign that I should study more.

I'm currently going through Color and Light by James Gurney. Also I'm trying to get into design a little bit.
I'd love to become a professional artist someday so for now my goal is to develop a habit of studying art whenever I have a little bit of free time to draw in-between working on a school assignments. I hope that taking part in this community will help with that c: Also seeing all your progress and drawings is super motivating and inspiring o:

So yeah, nice to meet you all!
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Yumi :).

I hope you achieve your dreams some day soon :).

I think developing a daily habit is a great way to boost a person's art. My life is pretty jam-packed with business but I try to fit at least 10mins sketching in every day - I carry a sketchbook with me almost everywhere I go. I can recommend carrying a sketchbook around if you don't already - you never know when you might get the opportunity to sketch - waiting in a queue or for a bus or whatever :).

Good luck - I look forward to seeing a sketcbhook thread from you :).

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CD Sketchbook

Color and Light! Love that book. It's one of those books where I open from time to time even though I've read it years ago.

Quote:I hope that taking part in this community will help with that

I do hope it does to. But it all comes down to you being consistent with doing time on your drawing table!

Welcome to the Crimson Daggers!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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@Artloader I already carry my sketchbook almost everywhere where I go and I must say, it works wonders. It's a great time killer on breaks between lessons(well, on some boring lessons too)

@John Yeah, I have a hard time translating some of the pages but god, this book is very informative and overall great.
I'll try my best with consistent drawing o7, it's time to make a sketchbook thread
Welcome Yumi! Loved those small thumbnail character sketches in your SB. Looking forward to seeing you continue to progress.
Thanks Shalis :D

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