Heyy lookie here- A newbie--

Howdy! I'm new here (As in I literally just fell in love with this site today-) and I don't particularly know what I'm going to do on here y e t, but I know I'll be participating a lot :''') 

Hmm... I suppose I should introduce myself a lil bit, eh?

Well, I enjoy drawing-//slapped


I also enjoy writing, reading, gaming, nature and uh... The internet, I guess lmao.

My humor is extremely dark, condescending and most of the time centers around absurd amounts of stupidity, not to mention it literally kills all moods. 

On a side note, my writing makes the people who read it smile, as it tends to be generally happy and fluffy~ (Of course, I have my days where I title it something happy, but in reality I just kill everyone as soon as the reader gets attached to them lol.)


I have a very unrealistic drawing style, my proportions and anatomy need quite a bit of work, as well as my dynamic poses and exaggeration of parts, and my backgrounds are okay at best.

I tend to be hard on my creations, especially when I have high expectations that are immediately crushed.

My goals for the future? To hopefully learn more about color theory, anatomy and proportions, and maybe beginning to sell it then.

My goals now, are to find an art style :''))) 

Welp, I think there is enough about me to satisfy even the most information starving person in the world (hopefully-)
and thus, I conclude whatever mess I made this time.

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Still teaching myself to draw. Classic newbie mistake lmao-
Hey Archemon.

Quote:My goals for the future? To hopefully learn more about color theory, anatomy and proportions, and maybe beginning to sell it then.

Color - Color and Light by James Gurney
Anatomy and proportions - Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing is free (http://www.alexhays.com/loomis/), Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Figure Drawing.

Quote:My goals now, are to find an art style

I heard someone say that an art style is basically just your interpretation of reality. To interpret reality, one must be able to observe well. Try http://www.dorian-iten.com/ , check out his articles / courses.

Good luck and welcome to the Crimson Daggers.

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Welcome to The Daggers Archemon :).

One thing that is really helping me improve is to construct things from primitive forms (boxes, ovals, cylinders and cones). This also helps when you have to take perspective and lighting into consideration. A good site for this stuff is drawabox.com.

Hope that helps, good luck!

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