help me! drawings lifeless
Hi! I am Brazilian and new here so sorry for my English, I have difficult to finish my drawings, I take a long time in an art, and when I finish, I find them lifeless, I would like you to help me, this is my recent drawing. what do i have to improve?

[Image: obgsbV.jpg]
The expression is not cartoonish enought in my opinion since you choose to draw it cartoony.I think you could come up with a lighting scenario that could be more impactful.I leave some example of some work you could get inspired by .

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Great job ! I think you did great job with colors and rendering, however in my opinion you didn't make a study of which wrinkles address which emotion. My suggestion is to look some lectures from Paul Ekman on micro expressions, because for example when somebody is genuinely smiling they have wrinkles bellow they eyes, when one is disgusted they have on their nose etc.  I also think it would be better to loosen up a bit and add more shape design in the outline of the silhouette, one can see that you drew the basic forms well and rendered them, this is fundamental for a good drawing , but after this stage is finished, try making it more fresh with adding shapes on top  to make the silhouette richer and not so simple. For example in the Joker in the shape design everything is triangles, so i tried to emphasis on this more , making the chin more like a triangle, the mouth, the outside silhouette of his face, the silhouette of his hair etc.
Also its good to have some flow like i added in the teeth , not to be vertical , but to have a flow , a direction , so it looks more dynamic, I made an overpaint to show you better what i mean. Other than that i think you did a great job, keep up the good work :P

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thank you so much for the feedback! I will try to fix the mistakes you pointed!

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