I need opinions about the perspective of my character
This paint is about a champion of League of Legends. His a gangster of the 1920s, in Brazil inspired by Cangaço (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canga%C3%A7o)

I have a problem with his arms, the right seems not look right. In the shadows i wanted demonstrate Graves in background with a weak silhouette. The perspective is the biggest problem for me.

PS: My first digital painting in PS CS6. I watched some videos and tried to create that.
Procurado Malco Greves = Wanted Malcolm Graves

Please comment with some adjustments i could make 

[Image: 09gXctW.jpg]
Hi SanGrent,

I did a little bit of a paint over addressing the right arm. 

1. Anatomy doesn't come easy to me, especially when it comes to representing it in perspective. So I had to plan out the arm using boxes. Doing this has made my drawings more consistent. I learned this skill from https://drawabox.com/

Additionally, I learned the rough shape of hands from Aaron Blaise, he has videos on the internet somewhere. He has a lot of tips and tricks to help make a convincing hand.

2. After I did the construction drawing (the box arm) I knocked back the opacity and used it as a guide to render out the arm.

It's still not perfect, however, if you apply these principles to the rest of the drawing you'll have a stronger drawing. 

Hope this helps. If you feel like I can help then I encourage you to ask me any questions!

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