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Hi everyone!

My name is Larysa. I've been reading this forum for a while. Then registrated. But only now decided to start a sketchbook, cause lately I've been struggling. Hope this thread will help me to be more motivated and keep it up. 

I'm selftaught, working more like an illustrator (for prints and coloring pages), but find passion in games and hope to join gameindustry sometime. Painting always had been my hobby (but never took it seriously). But for like one and half year ago I've bought graphic tablet and started to paint digitally, and realized that's what I want to do for the rest of my life!

Definetely won't be able to post here daily, but will try to make sketches and stuff as often as possible. Would gladly hear any critique, suggestions and so on.

For now here's some of my old works. Thanks for watching!

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Hey there and welcome to the sketchbooks! : )

You've got a really nice start with your painting here, your still life pieces especially are looking fantastic. The main thing that will benefit you right now is doing some study into form/anatomy - with your figure pieces the underlying anatomical shapes need a bit of work. I'd suggest some linework, life drawing if you can get it. Your values are looking good, however.

Keep at it!

Beautiful still lifes! And great start on character art!

Ctrlpaint.com has great mini vids on digital painting. Proko on YouTube is great for anatomy/figure.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks a lot for feedback! I've seen ctrlpaint videos, but proko become a discovery for me!
Unfortunately, I don't have an opportunity for lifedrawings of people, but I found one interesting resource on youtube, maybe it will be useful for someone. It's called drawthis, it has a video from lifedrawing sessions, so I used them and made some gesture drawings with traditional media. Maybe I'll be posting them in the future, not sure, cause for now it's a problem to make photos or scans.
But I've made some sketches of girls from the ref, want to improve my eye on proportions and perspective and hand to make clean sketches with steady lines.

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Some new linework

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Welcome Larysa, nice start here.

I like how clean your linework is - keep going with that. Maybe also start to draw in the shadow shapes as well in your line work - do a search for "bed bug line" if you're not familiar with that.

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CD Sketchbook

@Artloader: thanks! Yes, I've been thinkin about it, maybe will do this on next similair sketches

I've did some more sketches. Want to try to colorize the elf girl later, hope I'll get to it. And flying heads were drawn today during lunch break (was inspired by Astri Lohne warmup sketches)

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Hi Larysa,

Great sketchbook start. The still lives are really good!
I like the elf sketch as well, I'm looking forward to the colored version. 

Since you mentioned you don't have access to life drawing, maybe you could do self portraits in the meantime. Also if you commute to work or school it could be a good opportunity for life drawing of people in the bus or subway!

@VoodooMama thanks for suggestion. I've been thinking about going to park with sketchbook or drawing on streets.

Some updates. Vampire girl still in process, maybe will be changing more and add more details Also some sketches I've done today, more like color study to give overall feel of light without going in details (and some elves for fun).

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Today I've started a book Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton and made some gesture drawings (approximately 1 min per gesture)

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