Hi I'm ghamja and this is my sketchbook thingy. (-8
I'm kinda shy when it comes to showing my work to others, so I'm hoping to break that shyness by pushing myself to post my work online. Hoping to post maybe at least one thing a day/ every other day. (MaybePossiblyHopefully) Hope you enjoy checking out my stuff!
[Image: t06ng1.jpg]
so good :)

drawpile dump 1

[Image: 25u0d38.jpg]
these studies made me see i have a tendency to draw torsos slightly shorter than they should be

[Image: 2jfc2u1.jpg]
croquis cafe gesture drawings + doodles

[Image: 2h7nol3.jpg]
this day I wanted to study lizards but ended up doodling things instead
(07-04-2018, 05:44 PM)DESQUOLOR Wrote: so good :)


had trouble sleeping last night because i was excited to hang out with a childhood friend today. feels like i strayed from my original vision in my thumbnail

painting before heading to bed

pretty much spent the weekend hanging out with a friend who was visiting me. painted up a quick thing before heading to work to meet my upload everyday/every other day promise to myself. hoping to work on it a bit more later and finish it.
[Image: 2v0jtjq.jpg]

progressing - i feel like i'm missing something that i had going on in my original thumbnail again

[Image: vijjgg.jpg]

master studies; top by rockwell, bottom by jacob de heush. i need to do these studies faster ahh..

Beautiful sketches. I love that doggy in the first pics :)

You missing the strong light mood and it also was use to direct the eye to the smaller figure.The Scale as also change it might have changed the focal point onto the giant creature instead of the smaller figure.Here my attemp at bring it all in one.

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Cool sketchbook, ghamja, you are off to a great start :)

A few bits of advice. In your master studies don't be afraid to use darker values and less saturated colours. Mainly in parts like the boy's white shirt. It's quite dull in the original image.

With the ice man image, a few things. I think one of the reasons the rendered version doesn't look as good as the sketch is due to the waves. In the sketch they are quite dynamic and have a sense of rough violence. Now they have a lot of circles and gently curving lines - all which give a sense of calm.
The man's red cape feels quite out of place (both style and colour wise). Careful when using easily recognisable shapes and colour combos. Example, the red arrow cape feels eerily similar to an inverted version of the Youtube Play Button.

Hope that helps. I'm excited to see what you post next!

@Prabu Thanks ;A;!! 
@Darktiste Thanks for the input/paint over! Because of your advice, I could really see that the main focus of the piece isn't so clear in my original take, and how the stronger lighting really helps with that problem. ;w;b
@Chubby_Cat Thanks for your advice!! I think I have a habit to be a bit heavy handed with saturation, and I definitely see how the darks in the study could be pushed. Ahh... when put like that, I think for the future I need to focus on my intention for the feeling of the piece, and carry it with me as I render. Also, omg... I couldn't un-see the youtube play button after I read your comment. I have no idea how I didn't see how distractingly prominent it was in the first place. @[email protected]; LOL.

^ attempting to use a construction method that desquolor has been showing me. i need to keep practicing this a lot more with simpler shapes to really get a good grasp of it. 

^ mage boy that i kinda forgot about. might finish this later 

^ going to attempt to paint this tomorrow. looking at it, now there are things that look a bit off here and there at the handle and the base of the object... going to try fix that before actually painting it

^ i want to re-visit/work on this some time. not sure why, but there's something i kinda like about it

[Image: s2tf84.jpg]

^ i tried to take some of the advice that was given to me and took a quick second pass on this. even though i'm not completely happy with it, i think at least the compositional focus is more clear, and i'm happy that the cape doesn't resemble the Youtube Play Button anymore (^8 LOL... Thank you darktiste/ chubby_cat for the advice!

on another note, i broke my upload everyday/ every other day promise... i'm going to try my best to make sure that doesn't happen again.


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