Fish Eye Lense and Thumbnails
Can anybody tell me how to convey what I want to convey?

It shall be a guy sitting in front of his computer drawing on his graphic tablet.
He is relatively `normal` but just the camera angle and style how he is drawn shall make him/it look a bit crazy.
for example with a distorted camera view where one of his eyes is bigger because fish-eye-lense or how its called.

I dont get good looking thumbnails..

Rational Thought never helped anybody.

btw. Youtube:
You got a good start play with the camera.Be careful and be aware of the size of the canva.My advice would be to find a light scenario that emphasis the crazyness of the character.Take your 3 favorite thumbnual and redo a new pass on each of them with but this time just add on top indication of light.Stay in greyscale unless you want to test color sceneario.


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