Hello everyone
Hi there everyone,

Wow writing an introduction can be surprisingly difficult XD, I am 25, and an android/ios developer by profession. I have always loved art from when i was a child but wasn't serious enough, they were just occasional doodles until the last two year of my college life. For two years or so I started learning digital painting, even improved a lot. But due to hectic life, job searching and such I had to leave it all.

Now that things have finally become stable and I had been hesitating all this time lurking around in art forums XD. After I saw sketchbooks of the members here I think I want to start again and get my art to their level.

Though I only have one value study (incomplete -_-) I did yesterday to share at the moment.

I'll be starting my sketchbook here soon enough. Hope you have a nice day and feel free to give critiques to help me improve Toothless
Atleast you seem to have a solid understanding of the face.But is this from imagination or from reference because that make a whole lot of difference be honest.It would be a good idea to push the rendering the best you can so we can see what type of problem you have this what most would consider w.i.p(work in progress)

Hopeful that not to harsh of a welcome so u hope you stay and show us what you can do.

My Sketchbook
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No that wasn't harsh at all :). I used a photo reference for the sketch on the left. Couldn't capture the pose and likeness of her.

The link to refeence: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/517702919657559076/

And I'll post it fully rendered in the sketchbook :) Once I am finished with it XD.
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Aparanoid :).

Nice start here with this value study.

One thing that helps me a lot is to sketch in the shadow shapes before I go in with the values. It gives me a lot more confidence about which areas are in light and which areas are in dark and also helps with keeping my work looking tidier and less chaotic (just a personal preference - some artists love chaotic).

Check out this Dorian Iten article - although it is not specifically about value studies, it is a nice demonstration on mapping shadow shapes.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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