Character design study
hey guys looking for a partner or 2 even maybe a small group ....  at the moment Im trying to push my character design skills so mainly looking to learn anatomy, clothing/armour and master studies/ gestures like Frazetta

I just love character design artist so many good artists out there.... so Im trying to tackle one of my  weaknesses which I know will be a long journey.... So who wants in on this journey?

Im not really into group sessions or watching people draw so discord and the like Im not really interested in.... Im more into a study plan, have a day or two to complete, compare work and give critique.... so you have to be very self motivated also I know these type of groups usually peter out after a few of weeks so working hard out, giving it your all is a must or whats the point.

Im willing to set a plan and give some mentorship just to get us started, I would also love some ideas that you may have that could help/work etc, we could maybe post our studies here?...

anyway hope some are interested, heres some personal works just to show where Im at

I am open everyday to give critique but i don't follow anyone else shedule.So don't count me in.If you post daily you can count on my feedback.I will be doing some gesture drawing this week i think it would be a good place to start for you also.

Here what i suggest your do anatomy and gesture mix//master studies of anatomy and cloth//thumbnailing and refining sketch and the list goes on.

Would be also good if you could refresh your sketchbook all i can find from you are those silhouette drawing and drawing dating from 2016.

Atleast if you can't find someone to study with you can look forward to get some critic it a small motivation that is better than none.

I strongly advice journaling progress it help to be self critical because you can alway revisite what you did and tweak your subject to study next.It super easy to get feedback specially if you work only digitally.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
thanks darktiste and for your advice... I been thinking about what I want out of it and whats the best course of action, as Character design is such a big subject anatomy/ clothing/ design  etc..... So Im thinking of just cutting it back to bare essentials and maybe just go the clothing and accessories route which I always struggle with.

So Ive decided to go Clothing/ Armour/ Accessory and props route 

Im hoping more people want to join so we can push each other.... so cmon peeps 

Im also thinking of making a thread in challenges to post our work? looks pretty quiet in there atm lol
I'll join ya.

We could either have a thread on here or perhaps a channel on discord instead? Depends on what people are more active on, I guess

thatll be awesome chubby_cat  glad to have you on board.... will give it a couple days see if we get anymore bites.... It would probably be easier to make a thread here to post....  Ive got a few ideas floating around

did a quick study of the direction we will be heading.... was also thinking maybe we could do turn arounds in perspective also?

Show the wrapping of the belt for extra dimention.Add some personality to the belt with some pattern. Put a little cast shadow for extra dimention to anchor it down.Depending on what exactly your trying to accomplish think of simple or complex object like who would wear it how old is it where does it come from what is it made of.I got something you can use that would start to put some personality to those object.

Here a generator to give you some idea of thing to draw there many different thing you can generate take sometime to look at the menu.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Thanks darktiste for your suggestions and feedback at the moment im more looking at quick sketches and visual memory then material rendering my goal mainly is to have a visual library of what a warrior or astronaut etc wears, im looking at going down this path Moderndayjames but I do like your idea of knowing what its for, what its purpose is and just asking questions about certain items they use..... Im at work atm so hard to reply but thanks again will have a look at that link later
Nice i followed moderndayjame before he start teaching at brainstorm academy.So you gonna practice visual library if i follow your train of though.My advice is to create a small project where your basically your own art director.The goal is to approach something you could possibly sell to the world but it just a fake project.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Sounds good.

If anyone is interested: If belts are something we're going to be studying, I have pinterest reference board full of them. It's got some good references as to how some belts held weapons. You can find it here.

wow thanks chubby_cat exactly what i was looking for, good to see how different type belts work and its purpose..... ya cant have a mean as looking Warrior with flimsy belt lol....

So yea I think thats the plan sketch heaps of (subject of the day) in different views, get a good idea whats its main purpose/function is so it can look believable on our characters.... not sure how long, maybe a few days on each subject would be good

not sure if we going to get anymore takers? so let me know when you ready to start and I'll make a thread for us to get going, I'm pumped to get going, put heaps of time and effort and learn new things... hopefully people will join as we go forward

PS I live in New Zealand and have a fulltime job so my postings might be at different hours, but every evening I try to devote most of my time to just getting better....
No worries. I have a few pinterest boards with lots of fantasy outfits you can have a look at too if you want.

I reckon we have a couple of days for each? That way there is also a bit of leeway in case other things in life pop up.

I'm good to start when you are.

Hey hey, a fellow Kiwi ae. I hail from NZ but am currently in Australia. So I think we're only 3 hours time difference atm.

Ahhhh cool lol a fellow kiwi.... ok sweet will set up a thread for us
The Challenge has started..... all are welcome

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