Looking for professional mentor
I would like to try to become professional.
By that I mean doing commissions (for private people and for companies), but I do not mean being an employee.
So you could say `freelance artist` (or contractor?).

For that I would like to create a really good portfolio, while learning.

It would be great if a person, who already achieved that, could mentor me on the way.
Are there no professionals here? I would so much like to start with the first day of the new year to work on it.
to become a pro takes years so Im not sure if a professional has the time to invest... your best bet is just get started and draw, post here and make you a sketchbook (im starting one tonight) the more time you spend honing your drawing skills the faster it'll take you to reach your goals....

set yourself a routine/schedule when you have the most free time so it becomes second nature.... so you can focus on your goals whether that be perspective/ anatomy/ composition or whatever.... this to me is a biggie, just winging it everyday will just end you lapsing back into doodling, instagram, facebook with no direction and going nowhere

also Work Smart dont draw the same old stuff that you always draw push your boundaries... draw from life or photos build a memory library, if you dont know how to draw a hat or hands gather reference and study them see how they work inside and out in different angles and just draw, draw, draw

if you start a sketchbook I'll come in and offer help and critique as I'm sure others will.... all the best
Also, you didn't even mention the field you want to work in m8, there's people offering paid mentorships online I can refer you to if you tell us what type of work you are looking to do professionally.

It because i would say artist are clueless about art related job that why they often end up being graphic designer because it probably the most demanded ''semi artistic job out there.

I suggest you watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdpnBn9Cv9o to learn more about the different art related job that exist.

One of the major miss-conception i wanna to kill right now is that even if your not an employee you still have a boss and it the client you might think doing your thing will generate revenue just by itself.But you need first exposure and also there as to be a demand for what you create if not you need to create that demand.This mean producing original content it doesn't have to be perfect it doesn't even have to be that original but it as to have a market value.This mean that generally speaking you will cry because you have to be in competition with better artist than you who will do better than you for a fraction of the price you think your stuff is worth in less time it take you to do the same job this mean that you rarely ever as an artist want to start thinking about commision unless you have a quality portfolio.

One of the thing that will make you worth hiring is a reputation of being consistent in the work you produce and the quality of the content that is being produce.You're artistic style and how much you charge and how fast you can solve the client problem.You have more flexibility when working for yourself but it might also mean you will have to do more compromise to put food on the table.Such as working 2 job for more stablity as your experience permit you to transition to a full time if you wish to.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.

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