Leo's odyssey into becoming a concept artist
amazing color choice on the last one

thanks man!

some Hogarth studies from yesterday and today..

[Image: vueD4bp.jpg]
[Image: oULKOLF.jpg]
[Image: kExutuN.jpg]
[Image: 7Od2Xun.jpg]
[Image: nMthoti.jpg]
[Image: 77TxKQl.jpg]
[Image: AC7BdZW.jpg]
[Image: verfWXy.jpg]

some fun stuff from imagination, trying to apply what i learned from hogarth :)

[Image: WYQlvlL.png]

more stuff from imagination inspired by hogarth <3

[Image: 4OgmN60.png]
[Image: B7r5dfA.png]
[Image: wIiWovB.png]
[Image: 0VKbx8c.png]

I think that you are doing great with your studies, but you could probably use a bit of note-taking. Try to write down important stuff that you want to remember (it helps to solidify the knowledge) :)

Good idea with doing stuff from imagination after reading the book. Thats a great way to learn!

Thanks man! I will keep that in mind :)

some more progress on the creaturedesign challenge, feel free to join http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-8628.html

[Image: bfETXx1.png]

painting based on a sketch of a friend

[Image: 0YIKXf8.png]
[Image: DTB0cY5.png]
[Image: rq73ClT.png]
[Image: B1UW1hn.png]
[Image: k90ttsp.png]
[Image: 9p3cRt4.png]

Something new if you will
getting back into environments and more into the concept art direction :)
also been learning blender, which is pretty fun actually!

[Image: 6vflFnJ.png]
[Image: AdzMaq4.png]
[Image: 1m19Fww.png]
[Image: BWJrG8N.png]

node setup for clown pass:

[Image: WrqlOfW.png]
[Image: BxQk1y4.png]
[Image: kXk7rYL.png]


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