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Hullu everyone ! 
I started doing coloured master study since last month so here is the collection. I usually take about an hour to do them and sometimes follow up with a direct application, perhaps you can spot a few. I tried to fit in most  so apologies if they are too squished.

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Some photo studies. I was trying to apply what i've learned from studying master paintings.

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Very cool studies, i'm glad you're following them with direct application.

Sketchbook (updated daily)

discord: Beau#4149

1. Use the biggest brush possible for a given passage.
2. Paint large shapes first, followed by small shapes.
3. Save your tonal and chromatic accents until the last.
4. Try to soften any edge that doesn’t need to be sharp.
5. Take time to get the center of interest right.

Or, the briefer version: (B.L.A.S.T.)
Big brushes.
Large to small.
Accents last.
Soften edges.
Take your time. 

(James Gurney)
Wow, you've got some serious ammounts of studies here! Looking great. What are you aiming to do with this new knowlege? :)

Eraiasu, thanks man. I found  that doing master studies, especially colour ones, makes it less of a headache  to come up with a harmonious palette when working on personal stuff. I just hope not to  forget them :)
Here's my attempt at painting still lives. I have not done any for 2 years and I feel like it was such a big loss to stop as there is so much it can teach you as opposed to painting from a photo. 
Anyhow I hope this develops into a habit as it is so useful.

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A photo study from Mad Max. It was a lot of fun, though some of the proportions are bit off, I was still quite pleased with it in the end.

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Another still life. I've set up candle light and some reflected blue light from a desk lamp. Had to take haste  towards the end as the candle was nearly burnt up.

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