How to seriously improve drawing/painting from imagination?
Lately I've been putting in quite a bit of work and doing more and more studies, however I've come to realise that I'm only learning so much from these, as I'm pretty much missing the entire point - which is to apply them to your own work.

However my ability to draw from imagination is absolutely abysmal. Because of this I find it extremely difficult to even start a piece from imagination, let alone finish one. I'm 22 and since I started drawing as a kid, I could probably count on 1 hand how many original pieces I've created. Most of it stems from a huge fear of creating terrible drawings - I just can't get over that fear. And I'm 99% sure that this is the main thing holding me back from improving at a fast rate. Doing 'studies' from reference will only get me so far if I'm not applying them to anything.

So I was wondering if anyone had some helpful advice or know any resources that deal with this? I've looked around and haven't found anything that helps. Any reply is greatly appreciated - thanks.
Well no secret potion you already know the problem but you don't want to shallow the pill.''You said it  I'm 99% sure that this is the main thing holding me back'' fear is not gonna disppear it something you have to deal with.You can roll and in ball or smash your fear into piece.Studying often become the comfort zone of artist they stop to imaginate and they can't figure out how to learn to invent.To invent you need a process.This mean that you need a proven method to generate idea and to make it work and look good.
It where it also get tricky because everyone as there own method but what stay is the step .

The brainstorm=A general theme or time period you want your imagination to go to.=The destination
The reference gathering=A map you can use to support the destination you wish to follow
Generally a thumbnail phase to generate the idea=Creating some possible path
Choosing a thumbnail=What path you want to explore
Refining the thumbnail into a sketch=Working toward your destination
Rendering=Reaching your destination

The problem is you don't understand how to combine the fundamental you doubt in your ablity to create.
There 2 thing that are primordial to inventing it basic form and perspective.The rest of the fundamental will be the supporting element that make your drawing sucessful.

Imagination believe it or not come from simply form turning into more complex one place in a 2d space that you turn into a 3d space via perspective.But if you know nothing about perspective no wonder you have problem inventing.

I like to say to people you can invent anything if can draw a cube.Imagine the cube as a piece of claw.Think like a 3d sculptor.You remove or you add from this cube.

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Tbh if you really have trouble drawing from imagination I'd just recommend to limit yourself, choose a simple style, only worry about symbols/icons, ignore perspective, form, light, even color, just do black and white and try to design an interesting image, if you still get stressed out digitally then do it with pen.

This is one of my favorite books

You can find scans online and get inspired.

Just doodle, baby steps, doodle on small pieces of paper, doodle with pen, with pencil, with fat markers, and slowly start to define what you want to get out of those mediums or styles.

Also, on these 2 pages of my sketchbook I was trying a cool process for drawing that might help you, just put a line down and fix it until you like it, then add more; once you get something nice going on, duplicate it, then work on the duplicate, repeat the process until you have 40-50 versions you can constantly reference as you keep developing the drawing.


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