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Hello world! 

I very raley share my work. Hopefully I can get a new perspective on my art and art process.
[Image: xnDWZF6.jpg]
[Image: gdfUBHv.jpg] 
[Image: 66ZqeY7.jpg]
[Image: 9sL6WNM.jpg]
[Image: msorN4R.jpg]
[Image: JwN1xBd.jpg]
[Image: ibyIlYZ.jpg]
[Image: eaZhito.jpg]
[Image: U1wOdOJ.jpg]

[Image: APmIK8G.jpg]
Wip, I'm gonna try for at bit more to work it out of the uncanny vally. I think im not quite conveying the form on the left side  of the face enough. After i'm done with that i'll do 3 more polished busts it think

[Image: rjHpWO2.jpg]
Feel like i manage to pull the portrait to back to something less unsettling by describing the form better and adjusting proportions. Did a few spit paints today aswell.
[Image: RnRDsDg.jpg][Image: 6Fb9jNv.jpg]
[Image: W1lMQyO.jpg]
Hey Moscito, nice start!

You say that you rarely show your work but I am glad you are sharing it here :). I like your shapes and transitions.

It might help us give feedback if you gave us some more info:

What is your process? Do you start with a line drawing and then go to painting or do you just get straight in there with shape painting? Also what are your art goals?

Keep at it dude!

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Thank you, glad you take an interest!

I'm sort of searching for a process. I think most pieces that turn out relativly successful I start out with a drawing, or sketch rather, and paint over. Adjusting the drawing while painting also. However I've been experimenting with mass paitning. It's a difficult decision to stick with one process i think. Altough i think that ultimatley would be beneficial.

Also I'm trying to achive painterly realism and do illustrations and concepts. like john park for example.

Been trying to make some more polished pieces, more specifically portraits. However it feels like im not learning that much. Also i don't feel dwelling on portraits to much is even inalignment with my career goal, even though i've 

been quite fixated on it.

This is the latest portrait paintings i've done. Right now i feel quite done with portraits for a while. Im gonna set new goals now, focusing on the brushwork and realism as well as figure painting/ drawing. And later on landscapes
[Image: oLO59ZD.jpg][Image: oSTUfSI.jpg]
well you have a nice and clean style; i say "thats good" on pretty much each picture. I think if you were to improve it would just involve more experimentation and risk taking, say a subject you arent so comfortable with like deep perspective or dynamic poses; but yea great stuff :)

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Thank you Fedodika, I'm going to swich up the subjects soon.
I did 3 portraits today, pondering on process and i think i came to the wrong conculsion previously. I think i prefer just painitng directly without a linedrawing. First one is based on drawing. The other two are just blocked in with values.
[Image: gXZCsN7.jpg]
[Image: FEu0Vpt.jpg]
[Image: LPIv06j.jpg]
Started with still lifes, today, i'm gonna try to keep em under 2-3 hours. This one i spent one hour until i felt like diminishing returns on my rendering.
[Image: AqowhGO.jpg]
I feel like your style is contributing to the texture looking to smooth.Bone are really porous material a good approch to learning about your texture is too zoom at your picture and look at the ''grain'' of the texture.For example here you have two material teeth and bone the teeth is a really soft and shiny material and bone are porous and absorb light.

Would be better if you would upload your reference here rather than using a photo hosting website that will eventually probably broke.For example right now i can't view the ref at all.

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Been a bit scattered brained during the holidays, Hope I get into a better rythm now. What I did today, it was fun doing the thumbnails. 
[Image: TVR6jPZ.jpg]
[Image: aL4iCNt.jpg]
reference for previous stillife, Thanks for the feedback darktiste. I get what you mean, I want to get better at indicate that stuff the more i do this stuff. 
[Image: Dt0NO8H.jpg]

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