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Hey guys, so got shut down & I lost my old sketchbook so I'm gonna start posting on here. Hopefully starting this sketchbook will help get me motivated again. What i do for work is mainly 3D for architecture (houses etc) but 2d and fantasy is what I really love, so I'm gonna try to start improving again. One thing I want is to finally establish my work/style , my problem is I've been influenced by too many styles of art so realistic fantasy/concept art will hopefully be what i'll stick to from now on and learning to paint in that way better.

 I'm a bit rusty because I haven't drawn much in a while (besides architectural stuff), but cc welcome on every post. I've been at this for so long (started at 12 in foster care) that I've kinda lost confidence in myself and my work over the years, but I'd like to improve more and change that. For one my biggest weakness is figures/anatomy so I need to focus on that and perspective (i've been relying only on sketchup for architectural illustrations). I'm going to take some online courses as well, and will post work from that here as well as books, (and maybe some of my paid work as well) I've tried for a while but sadly my knowledge of figures is still a bit terrible, so hopefully I'll improve tons. thanks for dropping by!

Eventually I'd like to be more rounded in my foundations: Figures,perspective,composition,etc and feel confident about my work/progress.

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Welcome to Crimson Daggers Zarkatos :).

What you say about establishing your own style really resonates with me - when I study from multiple sources, it's so easy to become confused about what style I want to go with.

Do you have any thoughts on deciding on a style?

Love the scene illustration by the way :).

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For style i think it depends, I have an established style for my architectural work because I had a real teacher, but the rest is all self taught so It's hard for me to stick with one. Maybe it'll evolve naturally over time I guess. Here's more studies, sketches, imagination portrait, etc. I tend to do a lot better at things like portraits or landscapes with heavy reference, but building figures from my mind is going to take a while,since i need more practice & knowledge of anatomy and construction. Though i'm more inclined to environment/landscape design my figure drawing is abysmal. Anyways thanks for stopping by guys gotta keep practicing.

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Welcome to Crimson Daggers, weary traveler. I am curious about if any other users will migrate here and liven this place up a bit.

I think that your art is looking quite solid so far, but of course, there is room for improvment. Have you considered setting up a proper studying schedule? Maybe consider reading and studying from one book or class at the time, finishing it and then moving onto the next in a structured way.

Looking forward to see more work from you in the future!


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