I'm Dei and I signed up to this website primarily looking for some critique on my artworks and pointers on where I can improve :D At the moment, I am currently focusing on anatomy but I do feel very stuck in some places - I think some communal feedback will really do me a lot of benefit!
I prefer to draw stylized characters but I do studies from photo references quite regularly (may link my studies folder at some point in time since I'm not sure if I'm approaching them in the right way)

P.S I'm having lots of trouble with attachments and I'm not sure if they will show up for anyone? Nothing comes up when I check the Attachments Manager - For the time being I'll link a google folder containing my artworks instead:

Pleased to meet you!  Sun
Welcome aboard. When making a post, you should be able to scroll down a bit and see a header called "Attachments" where you can click on a Browse button to upload your pictures. Then you need to click "Add Attachment".

You'll probably want to start a sketchbook thread to get the kind of feedback you're looking for. Posting some stylized stuff and some studies is a good idea.
Welcome to the forum Dei!

Yep - there's a lot of people studying anatomy on here so you will have some good company :).

Also Pubic Enemy is right about the attachments thing - hopefully it will work for you if not, just post a message in the shoutbox and we will come to your aid :).

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Hosting your image on a separate website can discourage people from giving you feedback so it best to take the time to learn how to properly use the website even if it doesn't seem intuitive at first you should be able to understand it if you give yourself time to learn.If you give up just because it didn't work and you choose to take the easier route this kind of attitude can transfer to all kind of area of in your life.Try to always perserve and when something fail try again.

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