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Hello all!

I've been thinking about joining this forum for a long time because I felt like I had to achieve a certain level first. I changed my mind since I really want to be part of an art community!

My goal is to create concept art. I lean more towards environment concept art, but I also love drawing dynamic figures and I don't want to create scenes without people in them. So far I studied the following resources (in this order):
  • (the free content)
  • Figure Drawing For All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis. 
Currently I'm working my way through Force: Dynamic Life Drawing by Mike Mattesi. After that (in about a month or two), I will start studying How To Draw by Scott Robertson. Next to studying the fundamentals I'm learning digital painting and putting scenes together.

Since this is my first post, here's a collection of recent studies (first) and some of my completed works (last).

Gesture drawing from reference:

Gesture drawing from imagination:

Head from reference:

Rendered figures from reference:

Constructive drawing from imagination:

Digital painting from reference:

Digital painting from imagination:

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Well so far you done a few thing that i consider are more to be of the realm of story boarding or illustration if you want to do concept art i suggest you keep researching what an actual concept artist work look like.So far i don't see anything that scream this guy as alot of idea.I think you should go on and look at professional concept artist and see what kind of work they post and compare with your own work.Of course you might find out you prefer illustration or storyboarding or even other area of the craft you never been expose to it ok everyone can get the romantize version of what the actual job entail.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
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I see that you enjoy learn from book , so one book that i recommend a lot is Figure Drawing:design and invention by michael hampton is a great book about fundamentals of human figure

My sketchbook 
Hey welcome! your studies look pretty good already, especially the painting with the lamp. Hope to see more


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