Diana's Sketchbook

Sketch of a face from imagination

Looked over the last two pages and see you have some very nice studies and characters as well. Looks like you have a pretty solid understanding of anatomy and the human face as evidenced by your original ideas (like the last one above!). Good schtuff!

To weigh in on your discussion with Dark about 'having fun making art.'

I think for most of us that is way over emphasized. Master painter Frank Frazetta once said the best part of painting was in the beginning when he was just 'splashing paint around' and then the end when a piece was done. All the in-between stuff was a lot of hard work.

Picture Michelangelo on a scaffolding on his back for years with his arms extended over his head with paint dropping into his eyes saying how much 'fun' he was having painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Making art SHOULD be satisfying — but sometimes the process can only really be enjoyed when you look back on your body of work.

That isn't to say that there should never be any moments of joy as you work — and I've personally found that that's mostly come as I've felt improvement from sticking to it through the years. Because it IS fun to conceive of something and then bring it to life — but sometimes getting to that point is W-O-R-K!

Hope I'm not discouraging you — because I find making art one of the most satisfying things I do — but there is also a commitment and dedication required to see that IMHO.

You have some real talent — so I only mean to encourage you to continue and reap the rewards of your determination to become a better artist!

Please do so — and keep sharing your journey with us!


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