Diana's Sketchbook

A little bit of an update. Her pose looks very stiff to me so I plan on playing around with it. I really like the sketch so far for the to-be Garfield stuffed animal. The coloring is not done at all as I was going in and refining the line art that I did a bit. If anyone has any advice on how to make this piece look more "complete" or any improvements I can make, I'm all ears Cool


some loose imagination doodles for a warm up + an update on that digital painting. I'm planning to do more studies as I ended up being a bit busier than i thought this past month

Great work so far with the consistent anatomy practice, looks like you are really grinding it out! Just make sure to keep applying the studies to personal work that you enjoy, as I've found that focusing too much on a single fundamental can sometimes kill the joy (I only mention this because it has happened to be in the past, it may not necessarily apply to you of course). Good luck and keep at it! :)
Nice work on the last piece so far!

Ideally, you should have a finished lineart that should work well on its own before you start painting (Not all artists agree with this, but I have found this to be the best way to produce a solid art piece).

It looks like you got good momentum building up in this sketchbook with studies and personal work! Looking forward to seeing all your future works here! Keep posting! :)


Another unfinished thing. Was trying to get back into the groove of drawing faces. It just feels like this is a skill I've lost and now it takes me much longer than it used to... which is likely due to me not drawing as much as I want to


A little stylized portrait practice


Started doing the Proko anatomy/figure drawing courses. Here are a couple recent practice drawings

looks great! no feedback just some encouragement ^^

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JyonnyNovice - Thank you!

And here's an update on the painting. The coloring is so bad, if anyone has any resources/advice on color theory I'd be ever grateful 088


Just some light practice getting used to photoshop, no reference used and was just doodling from my imagination

I started watching Naruto again and figured it'd be fun drawing one of the characters. The anatomy is definitely off and I see where I can improve but I just wanted to finish something

Just a sketch of a mermaid/siren girl. Didn't like where it was going so I just left it as a sketch

Drawing of a girl from imagination

This pencil drawing was based off of a photo. I really wish I'd saved it to post along side this but I honestly couldn't find it :(

Started watching Air Gear again as well, drew one of my favorite characters!

Another character from the show!

For more feminine looking women hand i recommend making smaller and slender hand.

My Sketchbook
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(03-22-2021, 06:20 AM)darktiste Wrote: For more feminine looking women hand i recommend making smaller and slender hand.
It's stylized, I like art of women with more masculine features. I think it makes them more interesting. Thanks for the critique, though! I'll keep it in mind in case I want them to look more feminine :)


A sketch, did this in photoshop trying to test out brushes but so far it's a pretty steep learning curve

Here, I wanted to play around with my own style of drawing faces. I kind of like the direction I was going, the only challenge is translating the rest of anatomy in a similar way.

Here I went for a more full body sketch. I was working on my anatomy and I like drawing bodies a bit more fuller/bulkier. I need to get back into figure drawing and gesture.


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