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Hey everyone!

I've been lurking this forum since I found it some months now. I used to go on the forum in ConceptArt and really wanted to join another old school forum with Sketchbook threads.

I'm 29 living over in the East coast of the US. I've been wanting to get serious with art for a few years now and I'm finally at a place in life where I can do so. I plan to start from the bottom and establish a solid foundation in the fundamentals of art. I've been pulled towards Perspective for some reason and though it's arguably "out of order" in the way you're "supposed to learn", that's what I've decided to study first. I did take a few drawing classes in college post-bachelor's degree so I did technically learn the fundamentals... I just don't think it was "serious" enough and consider that it was more of an introduction.

Anyways, I don't have much to share at the moment, but I thought I'd say hello. I'm hoping this forum is my new home :)
Hi and welcome to the Daggers! :)
Don't hesitate to start a sketchbook thread whenever you have anything to share - it doesn't have to be "much" :)

Welcome to Crimson Daggers adrikovitch!

I would say perspective is a great place to start - the master painters I admire can make amazing brush marks but underlying it all is a meticulous attention to perspective and proportion.

My personal opinion is that fundamentals aren't something an artist learns and then never revisits - for me I have to keep training fundamentals periodically otherwise I find my art suffers.

Looking forward to sharing in your art journey friend!

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to seeing all the improvements you will make!

Well if you have a strong lean toward perhaps let say environnement it would be natural to start with perspective just so you have an idea of how much you need to learn to get to the juicy part that interest you.

I think giving you a few exercise to advance your theory is a must not only reading but also applying .

The typical approch in my book would be simple muscle memory exercise this mean something like what i am showing you in the picture.

As some master might there is no use for someone to be doing perspective if he cannot draw straight line.

Drawbox is a good place to start because it actually start with the approch i suggest.I know the perfect book for perspective but the issue is it can be to complex as a starting book.So my advise is to take book which deal with the perspective in a more let say less straight to the perspective aspect right away.

Of course instead of suggestion i think being able to listen to what your actually trying to achieve is always a better approch but as it said fundamental are the basis of art.The question remain to find the right balance to guide you toward your art goal.

I believe that there is a form of order in art let compare it to a video game if you don't mind.First you work on leveling up you skill than you choose a specialization.Looking at the different art career even if your let say just drawing for fun can save you years of exploration later down the road so sometime it pay to research this aspect.Of course it can be really hard to understand what you want so exploration is key and failure is necessary.Good luck.

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