How can i learn to improve my color theory
I always wonder how other artist practice color theory. Like what kind of exercise can help improve color theory and how do you extract better ''understand'' from those study like what are you suppose to be improving exactly that the question. Like i know there something call muddy color which seem to be something you want to avoid but apart from that what is there to learn in term of technique it seem like it pretty much just about testing color palette or something.I know there warm and cold but i am not really sure if there situation when you want warm over cold etc and why.I know there a book on color by james gurney that everyone seem to praise but does it mainly focus around concept applicable to painting or does it also translate to digital medium.I don't personally paint as of now due to constraint and i have not much interest in it in all honestly just in case you might be wondering.

If you can answers some of my question or give me some thought it would be appreciated.If you can tailor the answers toward concept art that would be appreciate if possible.

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