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APR 2, 2021

just a few sketches, trying to get used to forums i haven't really used one before.

Welcome to the community!

A forum is a bit old school these days, but it still has it perks! ;)
About your drawings: Great start! I really like your lose style, expressions and shading! I am excited to see more of them in future!

Keep it up! :)
Hey thanks for the reply! It'll take me a bit to get used to the forum, but I certainly can get used to people actually commenting stuff lol

Hope to see you around :)
Welcome to the forum!

These are nice sketches here, like the style. Looking forward for more.

Keep it up!

Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to seeing all of you around :)))))
Ok, I'm still getting the hang of this but I do have a few questions.

-If I get a response do I get a notification? If so, where can I find it?
-I saw Delorias has his sketchbook marked as his "signature" how do I do that?
-What is the method I should use to respond to people's stuff, I'm thinking I just browse the "sketchbook" forum and look for updates, is that normal? ahhh halp
-I have a portfolio of work, should I dump it here or just link it somewhere? I don't think people will appreciate 97 consecutive works sent in row here, it might look ugly if the forum works how I think it does.

I appreciate the warm welcome from you guys, I've felt very good the past few days. Insta and twitter just feel so lonely in comparison to this :)
ok so

I made this a few days ago, after some random inspo while sketching.

I have a full scene storyboarded out in my actual sketchbook, and I plan on following that through.


I'm very iffy about the design of the character, I think the red cloak doesn't really push any of my skills that hard, and really it's a hard copout so that I could storyboard quickly. It also falls into the "indie video game character trope" pretty hard, the wide cloak with slim legs is very Journey, Hyperlight Drifter, Hollow Knight, etc.etc.

As for the style of the first panel, I'm curious about your thoughts of the cross hatching in the mountains and the overall decoration of the page. I love Sergio Toppi with my whole heart but I cannot for the life of me bring the kind of life to crosshatching that he can. Maybe I should do more studies of it because he uses it a LOT for variety of difficult textures. It's an interesting way out. blah blah blah.

Curious for your thoughts and criticisms :-]
Criticism is always welcome, I love getting recommended stuff.
Nice linework in those sketches!
trying to internalize some helicopter anatomy. any tips? Im trying to think of it as the big shape in the middle that's kinda wedged with a flat piece under and on the sides. Apaches are really sick lookin helis

(04-06-2021, 02:03 AM)one_two Wrote: Nice linework in those sketches!
   Party Party Party

Hey daschign, really cool sketchbook you have so far. I like your line work; it's simple but effective. Same goes for the colour palettes you pick too.

In terms of cross-hatching - if you have a schoolism sub there is a course called Deconstructed: Drawing People with Viktor Kalvachev, and the first lesson goes over cross-hatching methods. It legit comes down to just practice it a million times lmao. You could study Sergio Toppi and other artists' works and see how they implement the style and techniques into their own work.

Sketchbook // Insta

And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea
hey thanks for the feedback, I don't have schoolism atm, but I'll definitely look into it to see if I can afford it. I spent a lot of time learning to paint the past couple of years, but I think in retrospect my time is better spent getting down to the brass tacks of better "pencil" fundamentals. Just followed ya on insta, hope to see you around B)


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