My name is Fabrice, I live in France (my english is not totally perfect, sorry :) ) and I've started to learn to draw about 4 years ago.

At the beginning it was just for fun and relax but quickly I became an addict of drawing. I have not real professionnal goals because I'm not really young, I'm 40 but I'd like to do some illustrations.

I actually have real difficulties to continue my learning of drawing. I've restarted to the fundamentals 2 or 3 months ago trying to improve my drawings.

I only can draw about 3hours a day the evening but I try to draw everyday.

I think I'm a little lost on what I can do for improve my drawings and I hope I'll find some advices here.

Have a nice day :)

Bonjour bienvenue.

You cannot improve if you do not understand the pillar that support you're skill.The fundamental atleast you are aware that this exist the question is do you know what they are made of. To help you i took two list i found they might have repeating element but i think most of the fundamental are here. Of course it more complex than just learning what are ''les fundamentales'' pluriel there is practical exercise.You will have to visit them one by one to get familiar with how easy some of them will be for you and some other no so easy. If you don't know what to improve my personal method is to try to isolate a fundamental on it own and see how far you can push the concept related to that fundamental.

First thing i recommend to anyone who is very new is line quality it literally the basis of the drawing skill.Yes what next isn't fun necessarly but it doesn't have to be boring either.

I gave you two picture related to what kind of exercise exist on that topic to give you an idea that you don't have to necessary see it as an exercise you can go more free flowing. But there two different muscle that those 2 different exercise will train.One is muscle memory(it the one where you draw over the line)or the memory of micro movement and the other is the creative muscle(it the more free flowing one where you imagine all kind of curve and line).

So go have fun with line and think of the word and how far you can go with it.Oh and when i talk about line avoid filling up space with pencil that a little bit after.

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Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.

thanks for your anwer,

I think I know the fundamentals list and yes, I have to work on them one by one.

About the line quality I've already done some exercises (the first) and I continue with the lessons from draw a box (I've finished the first lesson and I'm actually at the 250 boxes challenge)


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