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Are you sure it an official take on spider men the eye shape i can't find any spider men which that double triangle pointing up exept one design that as that sharp trinagle shape most of them have a triangle that kind swoop. The one with the sharpest Triangular eye would be the 2012 version you can probably look that one up but it doesn't have the web pattern so for this reason he disqualified in my opinion.

But i suspect if it your son demand he must be about what 10 to 20 years old which mean i suspect he not reading the classic spider men so he probably is more familiar with the 2010 ish spider men it probably the spider men with the black suit which would mean it the 2011 version but with a alternative eye then is should be on that design the closest to this 2011 design is the 2000 but this one as the rounded triangle will your as a more vertical triangle so none seem to respect the ''official design'' so i am really wondering who that master is and if they took any liberty on the design because it make the job of identifying who it could be very hard...

So in conclusion it look like a mixture of design.

So the only question i have that might help narrow it down is the reference in black in white or color and if it in color?
Can you provide the color reference i might be able to help.

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