Neopatogen Sketchbook
"Better draw spiral stairs in SketchUp" - This is so true, my crucible is proof of it ;).

Nice studies on those folds and figures :)

Nice drapery studies. Burne hogarths book about wrinkles and drapery is insanely usefull, great choice ^^

Some more of this week's studies, perspective and drapery

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i like the foldstudies :)

Thanks @Leo!
Some more stuff for Crucible and a couple of sketches. I also learned some S.Robertson but have no finished stuff to upload.

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awesome work so far on the crucible challenge, love that 3D room. One thing I read recently in Framed Ink - seeing your statues made me remember it - is that you can get this feeling of movement / animation in a still shot like that by having each of the 4 statues on the far side in a slightly different pose - almost like they are different frames of an animation but they are static (like a look of fear on their faces that gets more and more pronounced as each statue goes back, or some kind of fearful pose that gets slightly exaggerated with each progressive statue).

Kinda like this scene from despicable me in the 'bank of evil' where the statues are progressively getting crushed by the weight of their debt:

Could be something fun to try, good luck with the rest of it!

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Hey neo, thanks for stopping by my SB! And sorry for the late reply, I got sidetracked off of my drawing for a bit. Looks like you are making good progress in your SB, keep it up!!

I'm looking forward to seeing your Scott Robertson stuff. I'm studying from one of his vehicle drawing videos right now, great stuff. I set the goal of doing 100 freehand perspective grids like he shows. It's very good practice.

BTW, what are you doing in the perspective study of the house? Are you projecting a floor plan of the house? I've seen technical perspective in books but it always looked so complicated and boring that I never wanted to do it, LOL. I'm more interested in the sketching side of things, which is why I'm doing them freehand right now. But I suppose I might have to look into technical perspective if only to add some extra tools to my perspective skill-set.

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

Cool approach to the CC. Keep doing the figure drawings!

@Sagittarius-A-star, @Crackedskull  thank you, I don't feel so optimistic about my progress right now but I'll keep  pushing it! As for technical perspective, I just thought it might help me to understand perspective deeper, I'm not going to use it in my images. Perspective's  not easy to grasp, at least for me.

I failed the CC coloring/rendering stage but I learned a lot.
Some more studies here. I liked the repetitive drawing practice, learned basic foot form for the Crucible but didn't use it because my character is too small. Drawing with pen is also fun. I use to spend a lot of time erasing when drawing with pencil or tablet.

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Woah, the amount of work you just posted is awesome! You clearly have been working hard. Hey, the goal of the CC is to learn and have fun, and it looks like you did that. And the monster creature looks pretty cool anyway (I'm assuming that was your CC project?). But what you really take away are the lessons you learned doing it, even if you feel you failed.

So don't worry, just keep drawing! You are improving, even if you don't always feel like you are.

P.S. I know what you mean about pen vs. tablet, I do the same thing in PS! It's a very bad habit. That's why drawing with felt tips is a great idea. ;u;

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

Awesome updates, while the creature looks great it's not very bloodborney, everything else looks fantastic though, especially the enviorment you put a lot of work into that clearly.(what program are you using in that perspective study btw?).

Oh yeah and about drawing with pen, yeah it's a great excercise, I tried to do it before but did'nt use good pens(used ballpoints), i'm trying to improve my linework currently though and i'd reccomend looking up the dynamic sketching vids by peter han if you have'nt heard of them already.

Thank you guys!

Some recent studies here. 

Something must be wrong with me, I don't like Sargent painting style.  I'll pick other artists next time. I actually like how Atey simplifies stuff more than how Sargent does. Sargent's hard edges seem not hard enough to me, and I don't understand some of his large srokes' purpose. Though it's not a justification of my poor copy :) 

Made a still life today as @smrr recommended! Arranged lighting in a shoe box :) Got to do more still lives. I made top and bottom edges of the ball soft but something's still wrong with them edges. And cloth folds remain tricky for me. The cloth was highly saturated btw so I had troubles with shadows being not dull.

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The still life with the cloth and ball looks good. You write that you feel something is wrong with the edges. I think maybe you feel that because of too little occlusion shadows especially at the point where the ball touches the cloth. It makes the ball appear more grounded. I can´t say for sure, because I don´t know your lighting setup, but to me the edges seem right. Reflected lights on ball and cloth also look good. Keep doing those studies (and perspective work)! Oh, and you don´t have to like Sargent :) Everyone has different tastes. Try to study masters (even modern/living ones) that really appeal to you and you have way more fun doing studies!

I love the little comments and dialogue boxes you have in your Loomis studies, that stuff made me laugh hard. That's pretty awesome how you can create humor with dry fundamental studies.

Still life in color No.2! Tried to arrange a setup which could be applied to Crucible 2 in a way. It's a statue in lingonberry syrup to imitate blood (yep, it's not drinkable anymore) and I painted the eyes and the berry with acrylics on the statue. The whole process took me a shitload of time and was much more diffucult than my first color still life. I transfered the image into grayscale from time to time to check my values and during the first seconds my eyes saw cyan instead of grey because my eyes were so much adjusted to reds. Not sure I picked the right colors for the statue, perhaps the lights must be more yellow.

Below yesterday's toad statue sculpt WIP, making it for the environment course final and just for fun. Hope to update it soon.

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Great work on that frog sculpture, were you having trouble trying to blend the arm properly though? Everything else has blended great and natural looking but the arm has'nt so it really sticks out.

Damn I'm impressed, neo! Not only did you take my feedback and apply it, you've taken it to the next level!! Get it girl!

If you're not a big fan of Sargent, another fave master of mine that has that more simplistic look to his work is a legend named Walter Everett (if you haven't already heard of him)

Real inspiring stuff, keep up the hard work and you'll be laughing

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Thank you smrr-sempai! :) Your words and deeds always encourage me :) And thank you @Triggerpigking, you  can see another bloody squirrel below.
My recent stuff, I really liked practising Scott Robertson traditionally mostly because of speed.
Next studies were mainly for my freelance t-shirt prints project, had to do lineart. Applied the hell out of them.
I also finished an owl picture that I promised to my former colleagues, they wanted it be made traditionally so I did it in watercolor pencils. Used 2 photos as refs, but it's not actually a copy. Finishing things feels great. Oh and I tried to apply the Gurney windmill effect that @smrr told about.
And I must say that @Elderscroller is a genius! I already tried putting paper on my tablet, but sticking it works much better! I can draw with my arm now, not only with my wrist.
Everett study (hope to continue it) - learned a heap of it, really.
And my third still live! Squirrel again, another lighting and focus on another issues. I was trying to understand values and then to overcome my unconscious  fear of drawing scary stuff and this is a step forward for me. I actually liked making this bloody self-paintover :)

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Boy, judging by that squirrel, that Bloodborne CC did a number on you! Studies look great!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Hey neo , great to see so much work in here!
I'm also going through Scott robertson how to draw book,Ive left it out for quite some time already.
I agree with working traditionally it really helps for practicing in being more clean.

may I ask where you look for freelance jobs? I have been looking for one for quite some time now, but I always end up failing. do you got any specific tips? I never had a degree for anything so my works are the only stuff I could show.


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