CC 7 : A Tale of Two Contrasts
Post your finals in here!

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Can't wait to see your entries!

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This is my entry for tale of two contrasts.

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This is my final version.
My contrast theme is Biological/Mechanical

I hope you will like it!

My WIP Thread

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here is my final :)

WIP thread:

Hi Res:

Still working on this, I just wanna be sure I dont miss the deadline, so im "holding my place in the thread" until it locks. 

WIP thread:

My image:

[Image: 9Al3oBY.jpg]

and done :)

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Good vs Evil
- devil represented by red, weird sharp forms and shadow,
- angel represented by gold, human forms, and light
Used a cartoon-ish type of image to remind of Gosia's style

WIP thread:

I thought i wouldn't make it, posting literally at the last minute :(

I wanted to go the opposite way around for this CC, last time i spent most of the time i had developing a whole story for the image i was making, and ended up with a rushed final, this time i decided to just sketch with value right away and let a story develop as i worked on it.

...I went overboard with detail and didn't spend enough time polishing it, and ended up yet again with a rushed image ._.

It is supposed to be the introductory shot for the main character in some kind of artsy-fartsy, coming of age, over-the-top fantasy movie starring the seasons.

The plot being that since the beginning of time, Winter has been waging war with all the other seasons, and they have been killing eachother and resurrecting in a never ending cycle.

At some point, Winter and Autumn realize its just the way things go, and fall in love with eachother or something, a third party abruptly ends the cycle by doing whatever to Autumn, which leads everyone to realize the importance of it all...

...After an epic quest that gets everyone riding over high seas and mountains, flying through the heavens on wings of a dragon ensues, that is :D

[Image: vwvjN4i.png]

I like dragons, power metal and epic stuff :D


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