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I think i would be a good exercise to try to show the interior of the house it would give it more solidity and believably.I think there a bit of texture that could be added in those blank panel in area where you want the eye to rest you don't have to put as much texture as the rest but you still want to give enough visual information so that the texure come across.Reducing the texture as object receded into the distance.The lesser you see the side of an object the quicker the texture decrease of course the distance of the object from the viewer play a role in the decision making process.If an object is in the foreground but you don't want it to be the focus of attention you can decrease the texture but it a tricky subject you gotta understand visual weight to lead the eye toward where you want the viewer to look at.For example here you could have drawn inside of the cabine as a dark mass it would have added contrasted with the rest and added visual weight.

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My Sketchbook

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Thanks a lot guys!!
I totally forgot to post here, 
wi try to apply what you wrote for sure!

I might write later what I've been up to, 
but for now - here are some sketches that I did this evening,
I realized I was too dependent on 3d (yes, I used it to clock out the items from the last post , too, and for a lot of my portfolio works),
so here are my 2d constructions based on proportions analysis
Hope you find them fun :P

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Good to see you post on here again Neopatogen :).

Nice horned lizard studies there - I love how you even studied their speech and thoughts as well ;).

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CD Sketchbook

Welcome back Neo, your study pages look as beautiful as ever : ) you really got that whole dynamic sketching type approach with the 3d cubes and forms and stuff working for you! Makes me want to go draw like that too.

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Hey Neo! Great to see you back again :) Loving the recent sketches! They are very cute on their own, but the addition of the speech bubbles brings their personality to life (the "I am awesome" one is super cute and full of character)
Hey everyone, 
here's some photos of the skull that I Mariyan recommended, it's sunlight from the window
Link where you can buy it
If anyone is interested in using them as reference, 
I might post higher res elsewhere, and maybe shot some more photos with different  lighting  and angles (maybe color lights too)
Let me know!

With a light panel. Colors can be different. I really recommend one (or 2!)  if you can afford it. The muth can be opened, there's a spring that holds it inside.

the teeth are not ideal, but for me it's ok at this point.

It's not full sized, smaller than a real skull, I think it's written in the description in the store. So it's portable :)
Overall I'm very happy with it, especially at this price. I used standard Aliexpress delivery. 
[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Hope it's going to help some of you who consider purchasing this skull or want to just paint from ref! :)[/font]

I had a look at that store when Mariyan first posted, and they have a [much more expensive] detachable skull, so each part can be removed and reverenced separately. I'm keen, but got a few more coffees to forgo before I put in that much.


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Birbs skethces, done in CSP
Reference used very loosely , to remember how these species look and what kind of poses they make
I love how brush feels there. Can't have the same feel in Photoshop, kinda doable with LNP plugin but not the same free inky feel :)

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I think I recognize CSP's tapered pen and textured pen in some parts, but you probably tweaked the brush settings a bit. I found out that these brushes can also be interesting for semi-flat coloring (if that makes sense).

If you're interested in surface tension effects, MyPaint has some pens that "drool" ink in proximity to other lines. I'd need to find them back, I'm on a broad software/brush exploration right now.


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