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Hey there, love your work, been following it for a while :), hope you don't mind this quick paintover.

Something that would improve your sketches a lot is simply some more conscious overlapping and transitional shapes, stuff that just lets your forms read better and makes your drawing feel more reliable, more sound, like you put the lines down with authority and confidence.

[Image: sqnKhZK.png]

[Image: LnZ1KYE.png]

In those I added a bit of lighting but that's just because it's a quick and easy way to show overlap, you can also do it with lineweight and ink blobs.

[Image: eCgA5YO.png]

do not think of it as just "the original sketch, but taken further, more rendered", it's not "rendering it more" it's just making the viewer feel more confident in their experience of your sketch, reinforcing the placement of the elements of your design by accentuating the qualities of your transitioning and overlapping elements, it doesn't even need to be real lighting, it's just light on dark, you want a ball to REALLY feel l ike it's resting on the ground?, add a small blob of ink where it touches the ground, you want the side of a bucket to really scream "HEY, I'M CLOSER TO YOU THAN THE OTHER SIDE", reinforce that overlap with another blob of black ink behind it, ideally creating a line that contrasts with the line of said overlapping object, diagonals are really good for this.

[Image: Mr1QMHX.png]

it's not even real lighting it's just bullshit, it's light on dark, it's opposing lines, it's making 2 different points in the design feel different by giving them different qualities (light/dark, horizontal/vertical/diagonal, large/small)
none of this makes your sketches take longer, you can simply do it as you go, and not only the viewer but also YOU will feel much more confident in the design you've put down, and will be able to feel and assess its qualities better.

[Image: 6PB6Lu2.png]

and then of course, a quick 2 plane lighting block in alone already gives you so much information about the forms

[Image: h1nOJEt.png]

remember to make the direction of those ink shapes different from the ones around them(right), or they'll just feel like part of their design (left), it's the good old contrast principle, different things have different qualities :P.

[Image: xXkwr3l.png]

I think i would be a good exercise to try to show the interior of the house it would give it more solidity and believably.I think there a bit of texture that could be added in those blank panel in area where you want the eye to rest you don't have to put as much texture as the rest but you still want to give enough visual information so that the texure come across.Reducing the texture as object receded into the distance.The lesser you see the side of an object the quicker the texture decrease of course the distance of the object from the viewer play a role in the decision making process.If an object is in the foreground but you don't want it to be the focus of attention you can decrease the texture but it a tricky subject you gotta understand visual weight to lead the eye toward where you want the viewer to look at.For example here you could have drawn inside of the cabine as a dark mass it would have added contrasted with the rest and added visual weight.

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Thanks a lot guys!!
I totally forgot to post here, 
wi try to apply what you wrote for sure!

I might write later what I've been up to, 
but for now - here are some sketches that I did this evening,
I realized I was too dependent on 3d (yes, I used it to clock out the items from the last post , too, and for a lot of my portfolio works),
so here are my 2d constructions based on proportions analysis
Hope you find them fun :P

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Good to see you post on here again Neopatogen :).

Nice horned lizard studies there - I love how you even studied their speech and thoughts as well ;).

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Welcome back Neo, your study pages look as beautiful as ever : ) you really got that whole dynamic sketching type approach with the 3d cubes and forms and stuff working for you! Makes me want to go draw like that too.

Hey Neo! Great to see you back again :) Loving the recent sketches! They are very cute on their own, but the addition of the speech bubbles brings their personality to life (the "I am awesome" one is super cute and full of character)

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