Kilillan's Sketchbook
Dimensional Knight: Thanks! Yeah it's nice to meet other artists, although half of them or more seem to be just there to hang out

Here's one drawing I did at the park with the drawing group. I'm really, really not used to traditional media, so drawing on paper is still super strange to me

and some other shitty thing I drew

Nice way to sketch the foliage contours in your drawing from life. Here are some more tips about trees:

So I've been super busy (and stressed) with work, but I've still been going to the drawing thing every week.
Since I initially started drawing in order to make a game, and I want to make a pixel art game, I tried starting pixel art.
I'm not sure this is "true" pixel art... I haven't really done research on how to properly do pixel art. I just opened Aseprite and drew from a reference photo on a 100 by 100 pixel canvas

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful

I am hoping I will go full into pixel art moving forward

(resized to 300% and 500%)

Great updates. The pixel art is just fantastic, it's so much harder to create than it looks so I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who can pull it off!

I've been busy with my work.. I can only spend an hour or two a night for art. I asked for a promotion but that got rejected, but I got a 10% salary increase, so I have mixed feelings.

I've been trying hard to do pixel art, this isn't easy, but it sure is fun. This pixel art is 300% original size
and I'm posting the ref for the beach pic

Cgmythology: Thanks!

Oh wow, I love the pixel art! It makes me think of my favourite old games :D You're doing a great job!


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I'm with Bookend, those pixel studies are excellent!

Mmmm. You know how anime food is seriously satisfying? Pixel food is no different. There's a developer who does videos documenting their game in the making, Chef RPG. It's the only pixel art that I really follow but it has cooking, so I have a common interest.


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